Month: January 2024

China will build data center for new materials China will build a big data center for new materials as the country moves to digitalize its raw materials industry, according to a three-year work plan published on Thursday. The country will also build four digitalization promotion centers and manufacturing innovation centers for key segments of the raw materials industry, per the plan, which […]

Somatic cell-cloned Xizang cattle bred in SW China The world’s first cloned Xizang cattle species have been born in Southwest China’s Xizang Autonomous Region. Endangered cattle breeds Zhangmu cattle and Apeijiaza cattle, found on the Qinghai-Xizang Plateau, were successfully bred artificially using somatic cell cloning technology. The researchers collected the ear tissue of Zhangmu cattle and Apeijiaza cattle, established a fibroblast cell […]

China Environmental Valley in Hefei has over 400 enterprises Dubbed an “ecological environment hospital,” China Environment Valley in Hefei has become a thriving hub for environmental businesses. By the end of 2023, it housed over 400 enterprises dealing with fields related to water, atmosphere, solid waste, environmental modification and monitoring. Beyond just providing a physical space, the Valley fosters a collaborative ecosystem where companies […]

A sponge-derived flexible bio-ceramic material promotes osteogenic differentiation and cell proliferation The group of Wu Chengtie at the CAS Shanghai Institute of Silicate Research has prepared flexible bioactive ceramics derived from natural sponge skeletons. In this study, the natural sponge skeleton of silica was subjected to low-temperature hydrothermal mineralization in calcium hydroxide solution, and hydrated calcium silicate was grown in-situ on the surface of silica substrate, […]

Junheng Biotech obtains certificate for jet fuel oil made from waste oils and rift oil Henan Junheng Industry Group Biological Technology Co. has received airworthiness certificate for its fuel SAF from the Civil Aviation Administration of China on January 20, the first time a private petrochemical company has received this certification. SAF is a new type of aviation fuel that combines bio-manufactured green aviation fuel and conventional fuel in […]

Paclitaxel-precursor baccatin III produced in tobacco through synthetic biology The biosynthesis of paclitaxel involves the formation of a highly functionalized diterpenoid core skeleton (baccatin III) and the subsequent assembly of a phenylisoserinoyl side chain. The group of Yan Jianbin at the CAAS Institute of Agricultural Genomics in Shenzhen has identified a bifunctional cytochrome P450 enzyme (Taxane oxetanase, TOT) that catalyzes an oxidative […]

More robust zinc-ion batteries with acetonitrile/water as electrolyte Aqueous zinc-ion batteries have the advantages of good safety and low cost, and have important application potential in the field of energy storage. However, water in the electrolyte is like a double-edged sword in zinc-ion batteries. Thanks to the use of aqueous solvents, zinc-ion batteries are not only safe, but also have a […]

China’s space station will test if methane on Mars comes from archaebacteria The science experiment payload aboard China’s space freighter Tianzhou 7 includes anaerobic archaea, the main source of methane gas in the earth’s atmosphere, originating from anaerobic environments such as the deep sea, rice fields, and ruminant stomachs. The anaerobic archaea will be tested in the Chinese space station whether they can survive in an […]

A new supersolid cryogenic coolant After years of research, the joint research team, led by Vice Professor Moon-Tao-Kim of Peking Aeronautical University, has made significant progress in basic research to realize cryogenic cooling without liquid helium and discovered experimental evidence of the existence of spin supersolids in Na2BaCo(PO4)2. The next goal of the research team is to push […]

Students enjoy “AI chicken soup” after upgrading chicken farming through AI In 2023, students of Shenzhen University visited the Guizhou Red Water Oolong Chicken Farm and spent more than eight months developing a smart farming system for Oolong chickens,  under the guidance of faculty members and Tencent’s engineers. Through continuous upgrades, the students identified and tracked 250,000 oolong chickens. Six months after the system went […]

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