Month: October 2019

Chloroplast DNA barcoding tell Chinese drug from adulterants

Researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences have successfully employed genetic barcoding to tell original drugs of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) from adulterants. Extracts of Drynaria roosii Nakaike are traditionally used in China for the treatment of bone diseases, but extracts from some closely related plants are without effect. Comparing chloroplast genome sequences of all these plants, […]

Beijing’s R&D spending is at 6.17% of GDP

Beijing, the center of science and technology innovation nationwide, makes science and technology innovation the most important activity. Beijing has a particularily strong R&D system in terms of scientific research management, performance evaluation, rights and benefits of scientific and technological achievements and long-term financial support. New R&D institutions such as the Beijing Institute of Quantum […]

Anhui Tomorrow Hydrogen Technology Co. launches hydrogen fuel cell stacks

The company’s technology was licensed from CAS Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics. The fuel cells are claimed to have small size, low cost, light weight and good low temperature adaptability. The volumetric specific power is 3.0 kW/L. In addition to being used in commercial vehicles, they are intended for broad application in the fields of passenger cars. […]

Smart trash collecting machine in Nanjing offers “cash for trash”

In order to encourage residents to separate trash, Nanjing City has introduced “trash banks” that integrate functions such as face recognition, remote monitoring, and trash disposal. The residents first perform face recognition, and then sort out the trash. The system returns points to the user’s account based on the number of recyclables contained in the […]

CAS Institute of Microbiology develops new microdroplet reaction screening device, coupled to cell sorting by FACS

The nanodrop system achieves nanoliter volume addition of different reagent components through high-precision micro-volume control. It is compatible with 96 and 384-well plates and can be programmed according to the pre-filled mineral oil plate. The minimum volume that can be accurately filled with a low-cost probe is 1 nL, and the volume standard deviation is […]

China discovers 1 billion ton class new oil field in Gyeongsang, Shaanxi Province

The newly confirmed recoveries are 358 million tons, and expected reserves amount to 693 million tons. China Petroleum also announced that  in the Sichuan Basin shale gas survey, cumulative confirmed reserves amounted to 1,061.03 billion cubic meters. This year’s production is scheduled to be 7.7 billion cubic meters, with an annual production capacity of more than […]

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