Month: February 2021

22-2 Shanxi Province and Huawei establish “smart mining innovation lab”

Shanxi Province is a major region for China’s coal mining. Shanxi Province, Huawei Technology and other partners have now jointly established a “Smart Mine Innovation Laboratory” which uses information technology such as industrial wireless control networks and cloud computing to reduce personnel and improve efficiency in the coal mine industry in Shanxi Province, with the […]

26-2 CAS Kunming Institute of Botany develops rapid detection method for poisonous mushrooms

While the toxic mechanisms of poisonous mushrooms vary, mushrooms containing cyclic peptide toxin dominate. They are encoded by the “MSDIN” gene family and ribosomally biosynthesized. A typical example are the cyclic peptide toxins of Amanita mushrooms, α-amanitin and phalloidin. In China, among the cases of mushroom poisoning deaths, 80%-90% were caused by cyclopeptide toxins. Researchers at the CAS Kunming Institute […]

23-3 CAS, Yanshan Petrochemical and Sinopec Engineering & Construction establish joint R&D Center for Carbon Neutral Green Technology

The joint R&D center for carbon neutral and green technologies, located at the CAS Institute of Process Engineering (IPE), aims to integrate industry, academia and research, and make due contributions to accelerate the development of carbon peak, carbon-neutral strategic research and carbon reduction actions. In 2013, IPE installed the CAS-TWAS Center of Excellence for Green Technology, […]

19-2 Wuhan Institute opens nelumbo genome database for Lotus plants

Researchers around YANG Xingyu and colleagues from the Wuhan Institute of Landscape Architecture and the CAS Wuhan Botanical Garden have established a nelumbo genome database which is is a collection of the most updated lotus genome assembly and contains abundant gene expression information.

19-2 China’s ZTE opens 4G telecom services to six major Ethiopian cities

Under a contract with Ethiopia’s telecom monopoly, Ethio-Telecom, ZTE has completed a contract to expand 4G services to six Ethiopian cities, Adama, Bishoftu, Mojo, Dukem, Gelan and Awash-Melkasa, where high mobile data traffic has been observed. In the next three months, the service will be expanded to other major Ethiopian cities including Dire Dawa, Bahir […]

22-2 Chinese authorities strengthen regulations on medical research

An updated code, jointly revised by the National Health Commission, the Ministry of Science and Technology and the National Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, stipulates that the whole process of medical studies, covering everything from the project application through to the publication, review and appraisal of research results, should be subject to the integrity and […]

13-2 China integrates into global drought monitoring from space

China’s meteorological satellite Fengyun-3D has global observation capability and good application prospects in global drought monitoring. Through cooperating with the Group on Earth Observations (GEO) and its members, the project will focus on establishing a global agricultural drought monitoring system with the Fengyun-3D, providing timely agricultural drought information services for worldwide users. The project has […]

22-2 CAS Institute of Aerospace Information Innovation releases global remote sensing “water color index” of lakes and reservoirs

The group around ZHANG Bing has obtained breakthroughs in remote sensing of water quality parameters of lakes and reservoirs. Based on earlier data and remote sensing monitoring, long-term changes in the transparency of large lakes and reservoirs across the country since 2000 were realized. The “water color index” of China’s large lakes and reservoirs has generally […]

4-2 China narrows gap to US in computing power

The 2020 Global Computing Power Index Assessment Report released by Wave Information and international agency IDC in Beijing on Feb. 4 shows that the United States ranks first in the country’s computing power index with 75 points, sitting on the world’s largest number of ultra-large-scale data centers is the foundation of the U.S. computing power […]

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