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Deep-Sea S&T Center under construction in Hainan

Clams secrete endogenous erythromycin to help build immune barriers

BSA-magnetite “nanotorpedo” – a useful tool for doxorubicin drug delivery

Researchers at Kunming Institute of Botany achieve ab-initio biosynthesis of cocaine in tobacco

Report: Opportunities for hydrogen production with CCUS in China

Nuclear heating advances in China

Unmanned rice farm in Guangdong completes harvest

China puts a new focus on wetland ecosystem protection

Terrestrial protected areas offer a thermal buffer against climate change

SPACE – a new fast system for directed evolution

China’s CO2 emissions per GDP become less

China explores new ways to store surplus green energy

100 MW Liquid Flow Battery Energy Storage and Peaking Power Station connected to the grid in Dalian

China’s largest wind turbine starts operation in Yunnan Province

Number and influence of female scientists in China grow

China goes for “wetland parks” to protect ecosystems

Update on China’s AI industry

Chemically treated silkworm silk exceeds spider’s silk strength 70fold

World Energy Blue Paper: China leads the world in offshore wind energy

Shanghai hosts 5th World Laureates Forum

1:1 model of China’s space station showcased at Airshow China

A world-class astronomical observation base takes shape in Qinghai province

MIIT establishes 3 new innovation centers on graphene, VR and UHD Video

Smart multi-level EV charging and parking system in Wuhan

China’s “dark matter” laboratory at 2400 m underground

China’s 5G users surpass one billion

300,000 t Chinese supertanker “sets sails”

CAS Institute of Physical and Chemical Technology develops efficient and stable one-micrometre-thick OLEDs

China’s Tokamak HL-2M exceeds 1 MAmpere

Beidou Satellite Positioning System is now applied in over 120 countries and regions



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