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Huawei looks for international partners to boost 5.5G technologies

Amino acids and peptides may provide biodegradable glasses through a heating-quenching procedure

Calcium carbonate shells protect a probiotic during manufacture and GI passage

Global fires have strong impact on atmospheric CO2

Peroxisome engineering provides pathway from methanol to fatty alcohols

China’s capacity for renewable energies enough to fuel all 27 EU member states

China’s deep-sea manned submersible Fendouzhe completes dives in Oceania

Frequent social activities beneficial for older people

Graphene-based wearable artificial throat and AI may help laryngectomy patients

CAS DICP achieves improved photocatalytic production of hydrogen peroxide

China and Japan compete on high-speed MAGLEV trains

Integrated biochar solutions can achieve carbon-neutral staple crop production

Three-photon microscope captures deep-brain images

National Engineering Research Center reports progress on satellite-based CO2 emission inventories

89 authors discuss genetic evidence for a palaeolithic origin of grapevine in Western Asia and the Caucasus

Ancient classics are digitised and brought back to life

Golden Dragon Bus Co. increases EV bus fleet in Norway and Denmark to over 150

China and Brazil install joint “low-carbon and hydrogen metallurgy” laboratory

P&O Ferries to install China-built hybrid car ferries between Calais and Dover

Shanxi Province completes first fifteen “Virtual Power Plant”

Sinopec pioneers hydrogen made from methanol on site at a filling station

China leads the world in IoT

China sees remarkable progress in cyclic utilization of industrial wastewater

Digitization boosts access to ancient Chinese books

China’s R&D spending in 2022 reached 2.55 % of GDP

Electrochemical reduction of CO2/CO waste gas can be tuned to ethylene or acetic acid formation: CAS DICP

Caloric restriction inhibits tumor growth in mice through enrichment of bifido bacteria

China encourages foreign-funded R&D centers

Biosynthesis of starch and protein from corn stalks by yeast displaying cellulolytic enzymes

A drone which delivers first-aid medication through a micro-needle patch – animal experiments



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