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As to sampling material at the far side of the moon

A 100 m deep underground laboratory in Jiangsu province

Solar-powered irrigation of a protection forest enables a “zero-carbon desert road” to the Tarim Oilfield

Hydrogen-fueled trucks increase in China due to enhanced hydrogen station network

Coal company Huayang Group leads in sodium-ion battery production

A robot refuels a hydrogen train in Inner Mongolia even at – 25 C

A display of China’s “Comprehensive Research Facility for Fusion Technology” in Hefei

China reports successful demonstration flights with food-based bio-jet fuel (SAF)

An injectable wireless sensor for brain signal monitoring

CAS-DICP: Efficient CO electrolysis leads to multi-carbon fuels and chemicals

The “two mountain concept” explores synergies among economic development and ecological environmental protection

A 160 kmh hydrogen-powered train

China’s leads “Nature Index” in natural sciences, USA in medicine

Genetic editing of small grain size genes enables fully mechanized hybrid rice breeding

CAS Tianjin Institute of Industrial Biotechnology develops enzymatic asymmetric synthesis of dextromethorphan intermediates

Chinese, Swiss scientists design energy-efficient brain-like chip

An electrochemical route from lignin to adipic acid

“Speed breeding” of rice in Hunan desert, Xinjiang

China will shorten invention patent review period to 15 months by 2025

A six-legged guide robot for the visually impaired

In 2024, 19 academicians of CAS are centenarians and honored on a special website

CAS publishes report on global consumption-based carbon emissions

Successful xenotransplantation of a genetically modified pig liver into a human patient

An in-situ formed antibacterial hydrogel with collagenase-responsive activity prevents MRSA-induced osteomyelitis

A genomic compendium of human gut fungi

A digital catalogue of TCM Materia medica supports training and therapy

Brassica with 66% oil content: Shaanxi breeding research center

Starch from CO2/methanol – a case report

A new thrust to prepare feed SCP from Pichia grown on coal-derived methanol

A tri-band electrochromic smart window for energy savings in buildings



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