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Geologic atlas of the moon at 1:2.5 million published

New projects for submarine oil and gas production from the Bohai Sea field off Tianjin

China steps up independent production of carbon-14 and other isotopes

A plasma-electrochemical cascade pathway converts ambient air and water into hydroxylamine

Hurun Research Institute: global unicorns mainly in fintech, software service and AI

Shanghai will establish a Synthetic Biology Innovation Center in Pudong

This is what Emperor Wu Di (543 – 578 CE) might have looked like: SNP analysis of ancient DNA

BRI joint laboratory on pesticide reduction in tea production to be established in Sri Lanka

Brazil’s Vale Co. and Central South University, China, set up joint metallurgy lab at Vale

Layered zeolites help to convert polyethylene plastics to high-grade gasoline

Xi’an hospital reports successful xenotransplantation of gene-edited pig kidney into a human

Sinopec reports drilling 5,200 m borehole for geothermal exploration on Hainan

Hydrogen fuel cells are expected to increase the cruising range of drones

China’s afforestation programs: about 25% contribution to global greenlands

China’s public patent license system is expected to help technology transfer to SMEs

Improved weather forecast along BRI through satellite Fengyun No. 4B

Controlling drones with the power of will enables filming at the blink of an eye

Synthetic rubber “made-in-China” – a model case why technology blockades are useless

China will establish over 200 CO2 emission standards

China’s deep-Earth borehole drilling exceeds 10,000 meters

China’s negative population growth leads to discussions on supporting assisted reproductive technologies (ART)

Xinjiang coal company reports successful tests on coal underground gasification (UCG)

Ten major advances in China’s S&T 2023, according to NNSFC

A fungal peroxidase can oxidise tetrahydropyranes to chiral hemiacetals or lactones

Lanzhou University reports progress in prospecting a gold mine using muon imaging technology

China establishes AI education bases in 184 primary and secondary schools

Shanghai team develops super “CD-ROM” with petaByte storage capacity

China’s “Speech Valley” in Hefei

Launch of new research center for molecular imaging and theranostics in Beijing

Simple and efficient plant transformation based on their active regeneration capacity



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