Month: October 2014

Qingdao Bright Moon Seaweed Group, a leader in alginate production, builds 40.000 square meter research center

The group is the world’s largest production base for alginic acid and sodium alginate, for applications in food, medicine and technology. With support from a range of national and provincial programs, the company is now building a large R&D center in Qingdao. The focus will be on food applications through Jihai Nutrition Technologies Co., on marine cosmetics and fertilizers. Functional sugar alcohols are another field of business. China Bio news release, Oct. 27. 2014

VP of Beike Pharmaceuticals provides bleak analysis of cancer therapy in China.

In a talk at China’s 18th Biopharmaceutical Drug Development Forum held in Beijing, VP Luo Lu SONG stated that China may have as many as 25 % of the world’s cancer patients, but therapy is mostly based on traditional chemotherapy, and Chinese patients share only a few percent of the global cancer therapy market based on modern targeted therapy or antitumor antibodies.

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