Month: April 2014

Biogas to fill a gap of 50 billion m3 by 2030

According to an analysis of the Shandong Institute of Environmental Sciences, China’s natural gas demand of 400 billion m3 in 2030 will be filled by 200 billion m3 of national production, 150 billion m3 of imports and 50 billion m3 of biogas produced from biomass and organic waste. China Industrial Biotechnology Network, April 28, 2014

CAS Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics develops mercury-free production method for PVC

China produced ~15 million tons of PVC in 2013, 75 % from coal (Ca-carbide derived acetylene, addition of HCl with a HgCl2 catalyst). DICP developed a process based on silicon carbide doped with nitrogen which showed excellent hydrochlorination characteristics. Conversion was 80 %, and selectivity 98 % related to vinyl chloride. CAS news release, April […]

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