China supports agricultural high school education in Cameroon

Started in 2016, the Technical and Professional Agricultural High School in Yabassi offers a modern technical infrastructure which helps to train young Camerooneans in basic technologies even before they enter a university. The high school with an enrolment of 200 students is a gift from China worth 7.5 billion FCFA (or ~11 million €), with one […]

Chinese companies start 5G technology trial in Uganda

ZTE and MTN Uganda have carried out a 5G technology trial in Kampala, Uganda’s capital, on January 17, in the presence of Uganda’s Prime Minister Ruhakana Rugunda. According to Uganda government sources, the country might become the first in East Africa to have a standalone 5G technology and the third in Africa after South Africa and Nigeria. […]

China Meteorological Administration releases “One Belt, One Road” urban weather service network

Through the public website , 137 cities and regions along the belt and road  can be accessed for a five-day weather forecast. Temperature, wind direction, wind speed, precipitation, etc. are updated every 12 hours. The information is based on photos of the Fengyun series of meteorological satellites and other climate-related materials for each city and region. […]

Cybersecurity in China improves, but slowly

Acording to a talk at Beijing Cyber Security Conference, around 48.5 percent of China’s government agencies and 56.3 percent centrally-administered state-owned enterprises have deployed security operation centers, and the response time to security events has been reduced to less than one hour from about three days in 2016. In the first half of 2019, more […]

China promotes the development of fuel cell cars

After a visit of China’s Prime Minister LI Keqiang to Japan, the development of hydrogen-based fuel cell cars in China gains momentum. The official development plan now provides for 50,000 vehicles by 2025, and car manufacturers such as BAIC, SAIC, Great Wall Motors and Dongfeng are now involved in the development of hydrogen-powered passenger cars, […]

People’s Daily announces China’s top 10 S&T achievements in 2018

According to a rating by People’s Daily, an official newspaper of China’s communist party, the following 10 achievements were most noteworthy: Discovery of the first millisecond pulsar by China’s spherical radio telescope FAST Successful launch of the environmental monitoring satellite 高5号 (High No. Five) Cultivating and harvesting rice in a tropical area of Dubai by CAS experts […]

Kenya signs MOU with China on R&D cooperation

Under the MOU, the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology of Kenya and the Chinese Academy of Sciences will support a variety of science, technology, innovation and higher education cooperative activities between China and Africa in the areas of ecosystem and environment protection, biodiversity conservation and sustainable development, agriculture, health, the development and demonstration of […]

CAS Beijing Institute of Genomics develops dog database iDog

The database, jointly developed with CAS Kunming Institute of Zoology, hosts 127 resequenced dog genomes and a canine gene database. It is the first integrated resource dedicated to domestic dogs and wild canids, providing a variety of data services and online analysis tools to dog researchers around the world. CAS news release, November 27, 2018

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