Month: March 2015

Group at CAS Wuhan Botanical Garden unravel molecular genetics of anthocyanin biosynthesis in blood-fleshed peach

The group of Yuepeng HAN have found that a special R2R3-type transcription factor regulates if peaches of thePrunus persica (L.) Batsch variety, native to China, develop into yellow or blood-fleshed fruits. In white-fleshed fruits, the expression of this transcription factor PpMYB10.1 cannot be activated due to the lack of expression of a BL gene; in […]

CAS Shenyang Institute of Automation achieves ultra-fine print of solar cell gate electrodes

Using improved ink-print technology for a nano silver paste printing process at high-speed, high-precision control and on large arrays, crystalline silicon solar cells could be manufactured with an improved solar cell conversion efficiency of 0.6%, reduced silver material consumption by 40 percent, resulting in reduced operating costs 0.60 ~ 0.80 yuan / piece. CAS news […]

Nano-bio composite structures developed at Shanghai Jiatong Univrsity, putative signaling molecules and drug carriers

In a publication in Angew. Chemie Int. Edition, Shiping SONG and Chunhai FAN summarize recent developments of their conceptual work on rolling-circle DNA amplification and DNA origami technology. The projects describe cooperative work with CAS Shanghai Institute of Biophysics Yuan YAN et al., Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. (2015, 127, 2461-2465) DOI: 10.1002/anie.201408247

CAS Institute of Micrdobiology researchers elucidate D-gulosamine biosynthetic in streptothricin biosynthesis

Streptothricins are atypical aminoglycoside antibiotics possessing antibacterial and antifungal activities. Zhongshengmycin, a product of streptothricins, is widely used as agriculture antibiotic for crop protection. A defect of this product is that it contains various streptothricin components which make product quality control very difficult. The group of CHEN Yihua has elucidated the biosynthetic pathway of the […]

Beijing Sanlian Hope and Cathay sign joint development agreement

Beijing Sanlian Hope New Synthetic Technical Services Co, an engineering and technical operation services company for the production of nylon polymerization and spinning, has signed a contract with Cathay on polyamide 56 (Tailun) polymerization and spinning. Cathay Industrial Biotech Co., Ltd. is a leader in industrial biotechnology on bio-based long-chain dicarboxylic acids, bio-butanol, bio-based pentamethylenediamine […]

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