Month: June 2021

22-6 CAS QIBEBT establishes „Ramanome“ database for microalgae

The group around XU Jian provided single-cell Raman spectra from 27 phylogenetically diverse microalgal species under stationary and exponential state conditions.  In combination with pigment and whole spectra, these data could classify species and growth states with 97% accuracy. Anal. Chem. 2021, 93, 25, 8872–8880

2021/06 Xinjiang’s first heliostat thermal power plant in test operation

14,500 heliostats were installed and tested in Naomaohuzhen, Hami, Xinjiang Autonomous Region, Xinjiang’s first solar thermal power plant. The heliostats use the most advanced tower-type molten salt power generation technology to reflect sunlight to the heat storage area, which is 181 meters high. The thermal energy is converted to steam and drives a steam turbine. […]

9-6 CAS Institute of Botany elucidates ripening of strawberry fruits

The group around QIN Guozheng studying the abscisic pathway (ABA) involved in fruit ripening found shown that mRNA m6A methylation, which is considered as an mRNA “epitranscriptome”, participates in the ripening control. The researchers found that m6A methylation displays a dramatic change at ripening onset of strawberry. The m6A modification in the coding sequence regions appears […]

23-6 China’s „Earthlab“ begins trials to predict Earth systems on a time scale from seconds to hundreds of years

As a cooperation among CAS Institute of Atmospheric Physics and Tsinghua University, EarthLab will use a high-performance scientific computing platform to simulate the physical climate system, environmental system, ecological system, solid earth system, and space weather system as a whole. Along with other Earth simulators around the world, EarthLab will advance the understanding of not […]

21-6 Sinopec announces discovery of 1 billion t ultra-deep oil and gas field in the Tarim basin

After six years of intensive exploration activities, the field was located in the Tarim Basin Fuman district, which covers 10,000 square kilometers in the central area of ​​the Taklimakan Desert and the southern area of ​​the Tarim River. Recently, there was another discovery in the central part of the desert at the exploration well “Manfuka […]

9-6 CAS QIBEBT achieves single-cell Raman sorting coupled sequencing of carotenoid-containing microbial cells in soil

A joint research group composed of JING Xiaoyan, GONG Yanhai and XU Teng, have developed a RAGE-Seq technology, starting from liquid-phase Raman analysis of D2O-fed soil flora, isolating and wrapping bacterial single cells with specific Raman phenotypes into skin-up droplets, and then doing downstream genome sequencing. By this method, they could cover individual single cell […]

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