Month: July 2016

China to launch first high-capacity broadband satellite in 2 years

A new company, APT Mobile SatCom Ltd (APSTAR) has been founded by the Shenzhen government and China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC). It will construct a high-capacity broadband satellite at an estimated cost of 10 billion Yuan. When complete, China’s global communications system will offer a continuous, reliable and autonomous service that supports the […]

Satellite tracking ship Yuanwang-7 starts maiden voyage

China’s spacecraft tracking ship Yuanwang-7 sailed into the ocean from the Yangtze River on Tuesday. She was accompanied by Yuanwang-6. Yuanwang-5 also set out days before. The three will sail into the Pacific and Indian oceans, including maritime tracking of the manned spaceflight Shenzhou-11 in autumn this year. Shenzhou-11 will carry two astronauts to dock […]

Team at Fudan University hopes to model artificial on human intelligence

According to this research, those areas of the brain responsible for studying and memory are highly changeable. Meanwhile, areas weakly correlated with intelligence include the visual, auditory and sensorimotor areas, which all have low changeability and adaptability. The research shows that high changeability leads to high intelligence and creativity and thus could help to develop […]

Team at Military Academy of Medical Sciences succeeds in large-scale preparation of „artificial erythrocytes“ through stem-cell technology

The team of Xue-Tao PEI at the Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Laboratory announced that they had established an „artificial blood“ preparation process leading to concave-form erythrocytes with high hemoglobin content and oxygen carrying capacity. Based on human stem cells, progenitor cells and terminal cells, the team induced erythrocyte formation which when transplanted into mice, […]

CAS QIBEBT establishs inulin to bioethanol process

The inulin polysaccharide is obtained from Jerusalem artichokes which can be grown on marginal land subjected to drought or salinity. The process established at CAS Qingdao’s QIBEBT comprises bio-processing technology with inulinase production, inulin hydrolysis and yeast fermentation to ethanol and leads to ethanol yield of 79.7% at 40 ° C, ethanol production was 65.2 […]

China’s satellite navigation industry grew 29 % in 2015

According to a white paper released by the Global Navigation Satellite System and Location Based Service (GNSS & LBS) Association of China, the output value reached 173,5 billion yuan (26 billion USD), nearly 20 % of it from the Beidou navigation satellite system, and 466 million navigation and positioning end products were sold across China, […]

China aims to become innovation powerhouse by 2020

According to a new national plan on science and technology innovation during the new 5-years program („135“), the country will establish dozens of innovation zones across the country, with Beijing and Shanghai in the lead. The plan also emphasizes industrial upgrading and sustainable development, laying out supporting policies for modern agriculture, clean and efficient energy, […]

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