Month: October 2012

6th China Algal Biofuel meeting held in Chengdu

Major industrial players are ENN Co., which operates a microalgae demonstration plant in Inner Mongolia, and SINOPEC. In the public domain, expertise is at Jinan University, Aquatic Biology Research Center (Prof. ZHANG Chengwu) and at CAS QIBEBT in Qingdao (Prof. LIU Tianzhong). At present, microalgae production is low (1.000 to 1.500 t of Chlorella, 4.500 […]

CAS National Center for Gene Research, Shanghai, construct map of rice genome variation and origin of cultivated rice

A team around Prof. Bin HAN investigated 446 geographically diverse variations of Oryzae rufipogon, a wild rice form, and 1.083 varieties of O. indica and japonica, to construct a comprehensive map of rice genome variation. Domestication-associated traits were analyzed through high-resolution genetic mapping Nature online. Oct. 4, 2012

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