Month: November 2020

DiDi, China’s Uber, presents D1, a new species of electric “shared cars”

DiDi is China’s major internet platform for shared travel, with a record of 550 million passengers and 10 billion trips. In cooperation with BYD cars in Shanghai, DiDi has now launched the D1 electric car whose conveniences are based on the experience of the company on shared travel. It is sold exclusively to registered online drivers, not to individual customers. Apart […]

China has the world’s highest research output in 5 areas of sustainable development

November 18, 2020 – Elsevier, the global academic publisher of information analytics and medical technology, held a press conference to launch the report “The Power of Data to Advance the Sustainable Development Goals-Mapping research for the SDGs”. According to the News of Xinhua Agency “Over the past five years, China has ranked among the world’s […]

CAS releases “2020 Research Frontiers”, showing China’s strengths and weaknesses in science

The report and a “2020 Research Frontiers Heat Map” was set up by the CAS Strategic Consulting Institute of Science and Technology, the CAS Literature Intelligence Center and CredoVian, a Shanghai-based Technology Transfer Center. It covers 110 hot frontiers and 38 emerging frontiers in 11 disciplines: agricultural sciences, botany and zoology, ecology and environmental sciences, […]

China has in excess of 900 “internet hospitals”

According to a spokesman of China’s National Health and Welfare Commission NHC, “internet hospitals” have increased from about 100 in 2018 to over 900 by the end of 2020. The NHC requires “internet hospitals” to develop an internet platform, integrate online and offline services, provide online reexaminations, and online drug delivery for some common and […]

Shanghai has become a “Double 1000M Broadband City”

Shanghai’s 1000M fixed broadband now reaches 9.6 million households, with an average broadband downlink speed of 50.32Mbps. In addition, over 31000 5G base stations are installed outdoor, and close to 50000 indoors, with up to 800Mbps downlink speed. 1000Mbps or 125MB/s on average lead to the following download duration: MP3 file = 3MB: less than 1 second, […]

China’s transportation infrastructure was significantly modernized during the “135” period

By the end of 2020, which is also the end of the “135” period, the country’s high-speed rail mileage and highway network are expected to reach 38,000 km and 155,000 km respectively. The number of civilian transport airports will be 242. According to a railway official, by 2035 the total length of China’s railway tracks […]

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