This is what Emperor Wu Di (543 – 578 CE) might have looked like: SNP analysis of ancient DNA A team from Fudan University and the Shaanxi Provincial Institute of Archaeology have jointly reconstructed the facial appearance of Emperor Yu Wenyi (Wu Di) of the Northern Zhou Dynasty. According to historical records, Wu Di (543-578) unified northern China, but died young without fulfilling his ambition to pacify the Turks and secure […]

BRI joint laboratory on pesticide reduction in tea production to be established in Sri Lanka A BRI joint research laboratory will be established by the Guizhou University, the University of Peradeniya, the Central China Normal University and Sri Lanka Tea Research Institute. The laboratory will focus its research on three key areas, which consist of accurate pesticide reduction based on big data, biological control technology for insect pests and […]

Brazil’s Vale Co. and Central South University, China, set up joint metallurgy lab at Vale — A low-carbon and hydrogen metallurgy laboratory was jointly set up by China’s Central South University and Brazil’s Vale corporation. Vale is one of the largest producers of iron ore and nickel in the world. With a total area of 3,000 square meters, the laboratory is a five-story building with scientific instruments and equipment.

Layered zeolites help to convert polyethylene plastics to high-grade gasoline Han Buxing’s group at the CAS Institute of Chemistry, in collaboration with researchers from Beijing Normal University, Peking University, etc., have used layered self-supporting molecular sieves as catalysts to achieve > 90%  conversion of polyethylene plastics into high-quality gasoline under low-temperature, no-noble-metal, no-hydrogen, and no-solvent conditions. The liquid product is primarily composed of […]

Xi’an hospital reports successful xenotransplantation of gene-edited pig kidney into a human Doctors from a Xi’an hospital performed xenotransplantation surgery on March 25, in which the kidney of a multi-gene-edited pig was transplanted into a brain-dead human. The kidney is still functioning well 13 days later, Beijing-based Science and Technology Daily reported on Monday. The surgical plan was created and approved by various academic and ethics […]

Sinopec reports drilling 5,200 m borehole for geothermal exploration on Hainan Sinopec has completed drilling China’s deepest geothermal exploration well, Fushenre-1. The borehole is located in the southern island province of Hainan, reaching a subterranean depth of 5,200 meters. It set a new record for the deepest geothermal exploration well in China. The successful drilling of the geothermal exploration well revealed the formation mechanism of geothermal […]

Hydrogen fuel cells are expected to increase the cruising range of drones Researchers at the CAS DICP in Dalian have developed a fuel cell and lithium battery coupling power system for drones, and a test flight has been completed successfully. The power system features high specific energy, long cruising range, wide temperature range, and fast fuel injection. The high specific energy hydrogen hybrid power supply developed […]

China’s afforestation programs: about 25% contribution to global greenlands

  According to official data, in 2023 the area of afforestation in China was approximately 4 million hectares, the area of grassland improvement was approximately 4.38 million hectares, and the area of improved desertified and desertified land was approximately 1.905 million hectares. In the same year, there were 96 important ecosystem conservation and restoration projects […]

China’s public patent license system is expected to help technology transfer to SMEs China’s National Intellectual Property Administration of China has implemented a patent commercialization public license system that has achieved good results, with more than 17,000 licenses granted. This year, the system will become fully implemented. Universities and scientific research institutions are very active in the system. Strengthening the practical application and operation of patents plays […]

Improved weather forecast along BRI through satellite Fengyun No. 4B中国語-,気象衛星「風雲4号」のA星がB,多くのサービスを提供&text=中国国家衛星気象センター,業務サービスを回復した%E3%80%82 According to the China National Satellite Meteorological Center, the meteorological satellite “Fengyun No. 4 B” successfully took over from “Fengyun No. 4 A” after about a month of drifting and operational tests. Operations resumed in geostationary orbit. After adjusting the position of the orbit, the monitoring range will further expand to the west, providing […]

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