Month: February 2016

CAS Institute of Zoology researchers create functional sperm from stem cells

The group around ZHAO Xiaoyang has shown in mice experiments that embryonic stem cell-derived haploid germ cells could be induced to meiosis by suitable culture conditions. When inected into mouse egg cells, the resulting embryos gave rise to healthy, fertile offspring. The experiments are seen as groundbreaking to eventually cure human male infertility. CAS news […]

Chinese children at risk from antibiotics

When 505 Shanghai schoolchildren aged between 8 and 11 were tested, by a team from Fudan University, for 21 human and veterinary antibiotics, traces of at least one antibiotic was found in 80 % of urine samples of all subjects. Reasons are probably both the „over-prescription“ of antibiotics and the heave discharge of drugs into […]

China Pharmaceutical University improves analysis of phytomedicines used in TCM

The group around Ling YI, Vice President of the Nanjing-based University, has combined methods of modern analysis such as various types of chromatography, MS etc. to analyse > 60 types of phytomedicines used in TCM and identified over 5000 compounds which were systematically investigated for bioactivity. The results have been published in over 100 papers […]

China presents forest biomass survey

The government report sees over 18 billion t of plant biomass resources on an area of 175 million hm2. The reserves contain woody oil plants as well as woody high starch – high fiber plants. The oak forest resources, for example, exceed 18 million hm2. An advantage is that barren land is rich in forest […]

China inaugurates new 135″ National R&D Plan and steps up R&D investments”

The plan covers 59 specific projects and merges over 100 programs, including the former 863- and 973-programs, into five plans: natural science, major sci-tech, key R&D plan, technical innovation and the sci-tech human resources. Key fields will be biotechnology, space, information, automation, energy, new materials, telecommunications and marine technology. By 2020, R&D investments are 2.5 […]

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