Month: December 2020

Team at China University of Science develops isotropic biomimetic wood (“RGI-wood”) without using adhesives or formaldehyde

The team of YU Shuhong, Academician of the CAS, has utilized natural cellulose nanofibers from wood chips and other biomass to construct a high-performance artificial wood with an isotropic flexural strength of up to 170 MPa and a bending modulus of about 10 GPa, far exceeding the mechanical strength of natural solid wood. To this […]

92.5% of China’s primary and middle schools have multimedia classrooms

The network connection of primary and secondary schools nationwide rose to 99.7% from 69.3% in 2015. All schools even in the 52 poorest counties have now been networked, and 99.7% of schools have reached 100Mbs communication speed. Multimedia classrooms have been installed in 95.2% of primary and secondary schools. The number of terminals uniformly deployed […]

Chinese Covid-19 vaccines delivered to several foreign countries

A report in China Daily on the export of Covid-19 vaccines provides the following status. Turkey: Sinovac vaccine, 3 million doses delivered, 50 million doses by end of February 2021 Bahrain: Sinovac vaccine, vaccination of adult population started United Arab Republic: CNBG vaccine, late-stage clinical trials Brazil: Sinovac vaccine, late-stage clinical trials with 13,000 volunteers, […]

Wharf in Zhuhai starts building unmanned smart mothership for remote controls

The remote-controlled and self-navigating scientific research vessel, to be launched by CSSC Huangpu Wenchong Ship Co., Ltd. in 2022, will be able to cooperate with unmanned submersible systems. Its mission will be in marine disaster prevention and mitigation, submarine surveying, marine environment monitoring, offshore wind farm maintenance, etc. Furthermore, it will provide accurate marine information […]

China’s top political advisory body discusses AI ethical rules

The Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), China’s top political advisory body, recently held a seminar on the ethical and legal issues related to AI development. Topics were the potential ethical and legal risks that arise with AI technology, formulation of relevant laws in areas such as face recognition, speech synthesis and autonomous driving, and […]

Ethiopia launches second satellite from China’s Wenchang launch pad

The 8.9 kg satellite abbreviated as ET-Smart-RSS was co-designed by the Ethiopian Space Science and Technology Institute (ESSTI) in collaboration with Chinese experts and is capable to take high-resolution pictures. In December 2019, Ethiopia, in cooperation with China, launched its first satellite. The 72 kg multi-spectral remote sensing satellite, stationed in a 700 km orbit, […]

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