Month: January 2023

“AI Aquarium” in Taiwan wins U.S. CES award Photo: AI Aquarium Enables Eye Tracking and Interactive Display of Marine Life Information (Courtesy of ITRI) The AI Aquarium uses technology that fuses the virtual world with reality to display information about marine life in real time according to the visitor’s line of sight. Using gestures, visitors can also intuitively operate the aquarium without […]

China’s R&D spending in 2022 reached 2.55 % of GDP China spent a record 3.09 trillion yuan ($443 billion) on research and development in 2022, a 10.4 percent year-on-year increase that came from the nation’s accelerated efforts to enhance its innovation capability for more breakthroughs. According to the National Bureau of Statistics China’s R&D expenditures accounted for 2.55 percent of the GDP last year, which […]

Team in Academia Sinica Taiwan: a single cell atlas for embryonic spinal motor neurons A research team, led by Jun-An Chen, Ph.D. from Academia Sinica Taiwan in Taipei, sequenced 10,000 motor neurone (MNs) in the spinal cord of mouse embryos at the single-cell level. The team discovered new subtypes within known MN types and reported their genetic markers. They also compared subtype diversity among different species. The […]

Electrochemical reduction of CO2/CO waste gas can be tuned to ethylene or acetic acid formation: CAS DICP The iron and steel industry emits a large amount of carbon dioxide/carbon monoxide mixed waste gas. By applying carbon dioxide/carbon monoxide electrocatalytic reduction in an alkaline membrane electrolyzer with a copper oxide cathode, different products could be prepared. With the increase of carbon monoxide pressure in the feed gas, the main product of electrolysis gradually changed […]

Caloric restriction inhibits tumor growth in mice through enrichment of bifido bacteria Scientists from Fudan University found in rodent experiments that after caloric restriction, Bacterium bifidum is enriched. Then the tumor growth is significantly inhibited. The administration of these bacteria is sufficient to achieve antitumor effects in microbiota-depleted mice. The study shows that B. bifidum mediates caloric restriction-induced antitumor effect through acetate production and also depends on the […]

China encourages foreign-funded R&D centers The State Council issued a circular requesting departments concerned and regional authorities to further support foreign investors in setting up research and development (R&D) centers in China. The circular said scientific and technological innovations call for improved services, and basic research should be encouraged. Foreign-funded R&D centers will gain support in establishing open innovation […]

Biosynthesis of starch and protein from corn stalks by yeast displaying cellulolytic enzymes Researchers at the CAS Institute of Industrial Biotechnology have developed a highly efficient biosynthesis of artificial starch and microbial proteins from available and abundant agricultural residues. A one-pot biotransformation using an in vitro coenzyme-free synthetic enzymatic pathway and baker’s yeast can simultaneously convert dilute sulfuric acid-pretreated corn stover to artificial starch and microbial protein […]

A drone which delivers first-aid medication through a micro-needle patch – animal experiments (includes video) A team led by Professor Gu Sheng of Zhejiang University’s School of Pharmacy and Jinhua Research Institute has developed an unmanned, direction-specific medication first-aid system. The first-aid system consists of an unmanned aircraft, a drug throwing device, and a micro-needle patch containing an emergency medication. When the drone arrives at the patient’s […]

Nearly 1700 science and technology museums in China According to the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), China’s science dissemination expenditures increased significantly in 2021, and the construction of science dissemination halls was promoted continuously. A total of 107,700 online and offline science and technology exhibitions were held, with a total of 205 million participants. A total of 36,800 online and offline […]

Genetic engineering of cotton provides pink cotton fibres The CAAS Cotton Research Institute has created cotton with pink fibers by accumulating betalains in cotton fibers through genetic engineering. The related research results were published online in the open access journal Plant Biotechnology Journal. The study first performed codon optimization of three key genes associated with betalain synthesis to create a new cotton […]

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