Month: December 2012

CAS Tianjin Center for Biotechnology improves isobutyl alcohol production by synthetic biology

The group around Professor MA Yanghe activated transhydrogenase and NAD kinase in constitutively stable strains of E. coli. Under anaerobic conditions, isobutyl alcohol yield increased to 39% (0.92 mol/mol), close to the theoretical value. Under aerobic conditions, isobutyl alcohol yield increased by by 22%; within 24 hours, 10.8 g/l isobutanol were produced, and production rate […]

Neuronal stem cells keep self-renewal properties better in 3D-collagen matrix

Researchers at the CAS Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology have shown that 3-D culture, compared with traditional two-dimensional (2-D) cell culture, can provide physical signals and 3-D matrix close to the in vivo microenvironments. Here, sponge-like collagen scaffolds were used to assess how 3-D culture would affect the differentiation and self-renewal of neural progenitor […]

Shenzen-based Gene Research Institute to become “Bio Google”, storing 30 million biological samples by 2015

Following a decision by the national development reform committee in January 2011, Shenzhen Huaqiao University’s Gene Research Institute set up national gene pool whose pool sample size has reached by now 1.3 million, of which of 1.15 million are human samples, and 150.000 are animals, plant, microorganisms and other samples. By the end of 2013, […]

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