Month: August 2018

Chinese Ministry of Commerce sponsors training of African technicians in desertification countermeasures

Eleven students from Egypt, Botswana, Namibia and other African countries are presently involved in a desertification prevention and ecological restoration training group at CAS Gansu Provincial Sand Research Institute. They study China’s technologies on desertification prevention, such as fixing sand transport and recovery of plants, systematic construction of oasis and trunk protection. Japan JST China […]

CAS Chengdu Institute of Biology designs single-cell protein process based on an ammonia biogas slurry

The team of LI Dong isolated two cocci, Paracoccus denitrificans Y5 and Habitatella paracoccus versutus D6 which could grow heterotrophically on glucose and ammonia and autotrophically on biogas slurry (CO2 as inorganic carbon source and ammonia nitrogen) under conditions of providing reducing power. The protein contents of strains Y5 and D6 was 67 – 74 […]

CAS DICP designs nanoreactor for hydrogenation of phenylacetylene

The team of LIU Jian at Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics has designed a submicron reactor of eggshell structure, loaded with metal nanoparticles into a zinc oxide-microporous carbon core shell (Pd&ZnO@carbon) which showed high selectivity (> 99%) in the hydrogenation of phenylacetylene to styrene. Conversion and selectivity were much higher compared to Pd/ZnO (2.2 times) […]

China targets 73,000 km2 for afforestation per year

According to the National Forestry and Grassland Bureau, China will complete afforestation of 73,000 km2 each year, and set the forest ratio nationwide to 26% by 2035. By 2020, 200 national „forest cities“ will be built, including six forest city clusters and 20,000 forest settlements. Cultivating high-quality seedlings will guarantee forest conservation and preservation rate. […]

CAS TIB engineers C. glutamicum for methanol-dependent growth and glutamate production

The group of SUN Jibin at Tianjins Institute of Industrial Biotechnology rationally designed and experimentally engineered Corynebacterium glutamicum to serve as a methanol-dependent synthetic methylotroph. The cell growth of the methanol-dependent strain relies on co-utilization of methanol and xylose, and methanol is an indispensable carbon source. Due to the methanol-dependent characteristic, adaptive laboratory evolution was successfully […]

Chinese team develops simple chip for visible light communication

A team at Tianjin and Chongqing supported by CAE Academician QI Jiangxing presented a chip set consisting of a visible light optoelectronic front-end chip and a digital baseband chip. It can support high-speed transmission of Gbits per second, and is fully compatible with mainstream high-speed interface protocol standards. It can support indoor ultra-wideband information networks, […]

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