Month: October 2021

26-10 China claims major advances in „green buildings“, publishes 15 years guideline

According to the Ministry of Housing and Urban-rural Development, the total floor area of China’s „green buildings“ now exceeds 6.6 billion m2. The proportion of green buildings will be further increased, building energy efficiency standards raised and buildings with ultra-low energy consumption popularized in regions with suitable climate conditions. Green renovation of existing buildings will […]

22-10 China establishes Graphene Materials Industry Metrology Center

China has established a National Institute of Metrology for Materials Industry at two metrology institutes in Shenzhen and Beijing, at the China Metrology Research Institute in Shenzhen, and the Beijing Measure Detection Science Academy. They will focus on standardization and quality assurance of graphene materials and provide reference materials. In China, more than 10 listed […]

18-10 CAS DICP develops high-performance phototermal conversion graphene composite material

The group of SHI Quan at the CAS Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, has developed a graphene-based composite phase change material with high light-to-heat conversion efficiency. The composite phase change material has a high loading capacity (95wt%), can maintain a stable phase change enthalpy (162.8J/g) after 1000 heat and cold cycles, and shows excellent phase […]

15-10 China increases carbon fibre production

According to Japanese sources, China’s market for carbon fibers is around 50,000 t, of which over 60% is imported. As a result of the rapidly increasing demand for this material for lithium battery separators and the photovoltaic industry in China, Chinese companies are now increasingly entering the production. For example, Zhongfu Shenying, a subsidiary of […]

11-10 CAS DICP enables production of green hydrogen at MW level using an electrolyser with proton-exchange membrane (PEM).

Since the 1990s, the Dalian Institute of Chemical Technology (DICP) has carried out R&D on PEM-based electrolysis technology, and has developed several generations of electrolyzers for hydrogen production. The current system has a rated hydrogen production of 220Nm3/h and a peak hydrogen production of 275Nm3/h. A megawatt-level hydrogen production and fuel cell power generation system […]

8-10 China Offshore Oil Corp. discovers 100 million ton class oilfield in the East China Sea

China National Offshore Oil Corporation has discovered another large oil and gas field “Kenli 10-2 Oil Field” in the Bohai Sea which, according to the Ministry of Natural Resources exceeds 100 million tons. The field is about 245 kilometers from Tianjin City, with an average depth of 15.7 meters. Tests have shown that the field […]

2021/10 Haiyang city will receive „zero-carbon heating“ by Haiyang Nuclear Power Plant

Haiyang Nuclear Power Plant Unit 1 in Shandong Province is said to become the world’s largest combined heat and power system. It is expected to replace 12 coal-fired boilers at the site and reduce coking coal consumption in each heating season by about 100,000 tons, carbon dioxide emissions by 180,000 tons, smoke dust by 691 […]

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