Month: February 2015

Yunnan Institue of Animal Scineces breeds „Yunling Cow“ 云岭牛, an improved crossbred beef cattle

The breeding was done in collaboration with Australia since 1983 and has led to a variety which grows fast, has a high reproductive perormance, is resistant to crude feed and resistant to diseases. Meat quality is similar to Kobe beef. The crossbred is now introduced to 33 Chinese provinces. China Bio news release, Feb. 25, […]

Sino-American team produces nanocarbon superelastic sponge material lighter than air

The 3D-bonded spongy graphene material exhibits super compressive elasticity and near-zero Poisson’s ratio. They function as enthalpic rubbers, which can recover up to 98% compression in air and 90% in liquids, and operate between −196 and 900 °C. Furthermore, they provide reversible liquid absorption for hundreds of cycles and then discharge it within seconds, while still […]

Shanghai Wild Animal Park exhibits 3 „human interleukin-21 transgenic goats“

The goats are borrowed from Shanghai Transgenic Research Center of Shanghai Genon Biological Products Co. In 2001, the company showed already 3 cloned sheep. The company offers many varieties of transgenic sheep and goat producing biopharmaceuticals in their milk, including human lactoferrin and human lysozyme. Their 300 acres farm in Nanhui can accomodate up to […]

CAS forms „genome sequencing platform alliance“

Under the auspices of the CAS Beijing Genomics Institute and the Ministry of Finance, CAS representatives from Guangzhou, Wuhan, Shanghai, Kunming and Beijing have agreed to form an alliance for upgrading and sharing genome sequencing technology within the 135 program. This step will also include various hospitals under the CAS. China Bio news release, Feb. […]

Chinese biopesticide market will maintain strong growth, 3.2 billion USD in 2017

According to the National Bureau of Statistics, the national pesticide industry in 2014 comprised 843 enterprises and generated an income of 300.841 billion Yuan, an increase of 7.5% over the previous year. Bio-fungicides and –pesticides such as strobilurins, BT products and Mycorrhiza showed particular strong growth, whereas the markets for chemical pestidides declined. China Bio […]

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