Month: December 2015

Chinese group pioneers preimplantation diagnosis based on next-generation sequencing and linkage analysis

The multi-center study allows for embryo diagnosis with a single-molecule precision and is termed MARSALA (mutated allele revealed by sequencing with aneuploidy and linkage analyses, high-throughput sequencing simultaneous detection mutations, chromosomal abnormalities and linkage analysis) and based on a 2fold sequencing of the genome before prenatal implantation. It was successfully tested with the diagnosis of […]

China’s satellite network goes global

According to YIN Liming, President of China Great Wall Industry which is the sole provider of commercial satellite launch services, China now has ground stations in South America and Africa, and a data application station o the icebreaker Xuelong. Next, ground stations will be set-up on every continent as well as one in the arctic, […]

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