Month: February 2019

Future profession “drone pilot” – the Chinese Ministry of Human Resources defines 15 new curricula

Recently, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security has released 15 new job titles, which relate to future developments in artificial intelligence, big data and other technical advances. Examples are: Engineer for artificial intelligence Engineer for Internet of Things  Engineer for big data  Engineer for cloud computing Engineer for building information modelling E-sports operator […]

China plans for stratospheric photovoltaic power plants

Researchers from Chongqing University, the China Academy of Space Technology’s Xi’an Branch, and Xidian University also in Xi’an have started construction of the first space base for an experimental solar power station in Chongqing. They plan to launch four to six tethered balloons, connect them with each other to set up a network at an altitude […]

Deep space exploration: China studies solar sails made from graphene

According to CHEN Yonghsheng of Nankai University, graphene can be driven by light sources such as sunlight, and the thrust generated in vacuum conditions is 1,000 times higher than that of polyimide film, studied by Western researchers for “solar sails”. Graphene is among the strongest and thinnest known materials, and can withstand temperatures over 800 degrees […]

Bronchioalveolar stem cells (BASCs) assist in lung repair and regeneration: CAS Institute of Biochemistry and Cell Biology

In cooperation with CAS Guangzhou Institute of Biomedicine and Health, the group of JI Hongbin  found by fate-mapping and clonbal analysis of BASCs that this cell type can become become activated by different lung injuries, and can differentiate into multiple cell lineages including club cells, ciliated cells, and alveolar type 1 and type 2 cells for lung […]

Metabolic engineering of Myceliophtora thermophila provides high titers of fumaric acid

A group around Shuying GU and Jingen LI at CAS Tianjin Institute of Industrial Biotechnology has engineered Myceliophthora thermophila using the CRISPR/Cas9 system. They introduced fumarase of Candidakrusei fumarase into M. thermophila and disrupted the intracellular fumarate digestion pathway by deletion of the two fumarate reductase and the mitochondrial fumarase genes of M. thermophila. Increasing the pool size of malate, the precursor of […]

Beijing leads China in AI-related industry

According to a “White paper on the development of AI Industry in Beijing”, there were over 4000 AI-related companies in China by mid-2018, 1070 of which were located in Beijing. In automatic driving, 35 vehicles made by 8 companies did cover already over 63,000 km road tests. Japan JST China news, February 20, 2019

China emphasizes clean coal thermal power supply systems

According to a report by the China’s National Energy Board, by October 2018 ultra-low emission coal-fired power generation equipment in China reached over 700 million kW. Due to ultra-low emissions and energy savings, annual emissions of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide and flue dust in China’s coal-fired power generation industry has drastically decreased since 2014, and […]

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