Month: June 2014

Group at CAS QIBEBT elucidates regulatory network of transcription factors for triglyceride production in microalgae

The group around Jian XU, group leader for single-cell oil, has mined the genome of Nanochloropsis oceanica, a marine microalgae, and elucidated 34 transcription factors, 30 transcription factor binding sites and 950 target genes in this organism. 11 transcription factors are associated with oil production and provide clues for transcription factor engineering. CAS news release, […]

Qingdao said to build world’s largest seaweed fiber base

According to Professor Yanzhi XIA, Professor at Qingdao University and Director of Shandong Province Key Laboratory of Functional Fibers, Qingdao will increase its annual output of 800 t of various seaweed fibers by a production line of 1000 t/y of sodium alginate with improved solvent-free down-stream processing. China Bio news release, June 26, 2014

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