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China releases report on Big Data for Sustainable Development Goals 2022 and highlights contributions On September 20, 2022, China released the “Big Data for Sustainable Development Goals Report (2022)” at a meeting in New York. The report was prepared by the International Research Center for Big Data for Sustainable Development (IRCSDD) and the “Big Earth Data Science Project” pilot project of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), with […]

Yulin Chemical Co. starts production of biodegradable polyglycolide Yulin Chemical Co Ltd, a China Energy Investment Corporation subsidiary in Shaanxi Province, put into operation a coal-based production line with an annual capacity of 50,000 tonnes of polyglycolide PGA. PGA can be degraded by microbes in environments such as soil and seawater. It can be made into food packaging products such as disposable plastic […]

Beijing firm clones arctic wolf for wildlife conservation Sinogene Biotechnology Co has cloned a wild arctic wolf. Its donor cell came from the skin of a wild female arctic wolf from Canada The oocyte was from a female dog, and the surrogate mother was a beagle. The cloning of the arctic wolf was accomplished by constructing 137 new embryos from enucleated oocytes and […]

China plans for 220 national hi-tech zones by 2025 to have According to the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), China has established 173 national hi-tech zones so far and will raise the number to 220 by the end of the 14th Five-Year Plan period (2021-2025). The total output value of the national hi-tech zones grew from 5.4 trillion yuan (about 781.3 billion […]

CAS: highly efficient oxidation of methane at room temperature A team around Deng Dehui at CAS Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, has prepared two-dimensional Ru nanosheets with lattice-limited Cu atoms, which could catalyze the highly selective conversion of methane and hydrogen peroxide to C1 oxygenated compounds at room temperature with a generation rate of up to 1533 mmol g-1Cu(surf.) h-1 and a selectivity of […]

A 20,000 m3 deep-sea “smart aquaculture” platform in Fujian A “Hundred Million Tons” ecological aquaculture platform “Qiandao No. 1” was transported by tugboat to the Qingyu waters of Dinghai Bay, Lianjiang County, Fujian Province. This is the first deep-sea and pelagic smart aquaculture platform in the “Qiandao” series, with a total length of 67.5 meters, a width of 31.5 meters, a mold depth […]

Academica Sinica Taiwan detects new lead for anti-cancer drug Swainsonine, an alkaloid, is an inhibitor of human Golgi alpha-mannosidase II and can control cancer growth by preparing N-linked glycosylation, but clinical development has been suspended due to side effects. A team at at the Genomic Research Center of Academia Sinica in Taiwan has designed a hybrid skeleton that combines the structures of the pyrrolidine-based […]

Chinese consortium releases “Carbon planet beta” digital earth At the 2022 China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFT), StellarView and a team from Tsinghua University have presented a digital earth model with near real-time carbon emission data. “Carbon Planet” claims daily resolution and near real-time update. The product makes full use of carbon data models, incorporates satellite remote sensing monitoring data, integrates big […]

Hefei constructs quantum metropolitan area network In August 2021, the construction of Hefei Quantum Metropolitan Network was officially launched. Relying on the e-government extranet, it contains 8 core sites and 159 access network sites, which can provide quantum security access service and data transmission encryption services for party and government organs at municipal and district levels, and improve the security […]

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