MIIT: China leads the world in industrial robot production and installations

https://www.recordchina.co.jp/b919111-s6-c20-d0189.html According to an address of Xin Guobin, deputy director of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MII), at the opening ceremony of the 2023 World Robot Games in Beijing, China robot industry sales in 2022 were more than 170 billion yuan (1 yuan = approx. 20 yen), and industrial robot installations accounted for […]

New Chinese high-speed train targets 1,000 km/h

http://j.people.com.cn/n3/2023/0424/c95952-20010257.html The “New High-Speed Train” theme science and education exhibition held by the Aerospace Science and Technology Group opened in Beijing on April 23. According to what was revealed at the exhibition, there has been a new development in the “new high-speed train” that China is developing. China’s first full-scale superconducting running test has recently […]

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