In 2022, 800,000 more awarded patents and 617,000 more trademarks in China

http://j.people.com.cn/n3/2023/0109/c95952-10193441.html According to the patent agency, China’s annual number of invention patents awarded and trademarks registered in 2022 were 798,000 and 617,000, respectively. As of the end of 2010, China had 4.212 million valid invention patents,  and 42.672 million valid trademark registrations.  

Electrokinetik mining of rare earth elements

https://www.nature.com/articles/s41893-022-00989-3 https://www.cas.cn/syky/202211/t20221101_4853339.shtml China can provide many medium and heavy rare earths. However, the existing ion-adsorption rare earth mining process (ammonium salt in situ leaching technology) suffers from serious ecological damage, long leaching cycle and low resource utilization efficiency, which restricts the mining and utilization of ion-adsorption rare earth resources in China. He Hongping’s team at […]

Greening the Gobi desert under a photovoltaic umbrella

http://j.people.com.cn/n3/2022/0924/c94638-10151318.html A view of the site of the 500,000-kW class photovoltaic industrialization project for combating desertification by Gansu Yiheng New Energy Co. (Photo by Li Yalong) In Wuwei, Gansu Province, staff members of Gansu Billion Heng New Energy Co. were planting trees at the site of a 500,000-kW class photovoltaic field. This project is the first […]

China releases report on Big Data for Sustainable Development Goals 2022 and highlights contributions

http://aircas.ac.cn/tzgg/202201/P020220105418431238011.pdf https://www.cas.cn/cm/202209/t20220923_4848596.shtml On September 20, 2022, China released the “Big Data for Sustainable Development Goals Report (2022)” at a meeting in New York. The report was prepared by the International Research Center for Big Data for Sustainable Development (IRCSDD) and the “Big Earth Data Science Project” pilot project of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), with […]

AI-basierter Roboter liefert genaue Daten über den allgemeinen Gesundheitszustand

Der von der Regenerative Medicine Technology Co. und der Zhejiang University entwickelte Roboter besteht aus einem kompakten halbrunden Körper und einem Flachbildschirm. Der Benutzer scannt zuerst seinen QR-Code (WeChat) am oberen Rand des Displays, um sich mit dem Unternehmens zu verbinden, bringt dann die rechte Hand am Körper des Roboters in Position, und der Roboter […]

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