Month: March 2017

Beijing Municipality establishs stem cell and regenerative medicine research” special expert group”

At the inauguration, it was stressed that the project should give full play to the advantages of Beijing, e. g., the strong support for the construction of the National Science and Technology Innovation Center, the integration of the military, and the advantages to innovative institutional mechanisms and implementation. China Bio news release, March 30, 2017

CAS Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology and Engineering establishs improved technology for boron nitride nanosheats (“white graphene”)

Hexagonal boron nitride nanosheets, also known as white graphene”, has similar properties to graphene, such as excellent mechanical stability and thermal conductivity. Using ultrasonic separation and cheap raw materials, boron nitride nanosheets with an average thickness of about 3 nanometers was prepared at 19% yield.” China Bio news releae, March 27, 2017

CAS Southeast Asia Biodiversity Research Center has 28 international cooperation projects

The 1600 m2 center located in Myanmar is under the management of the CAS Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden and works on biodiversity projects in Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries. The English website introduces the researchers, the progress of field science, the discovery of results, the publication of papers, and the […]

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