Month: November 2018

CAS Beijing Institute of Genomics develops dog database iDog

The database, jointly developed with CAS Kunming Institute of Zoology, hosts 127 resequenced dog genomes and a canine gene database. It is the first integrated resource dedicated to domestic dogs and wild canids, providing a variety of data services and online analysis tools to dog researchers around the world. CAS news release, November 27, 2018

Group at CAS SIAT finds inexpensive black phosphorus preparation for photocatalysis

The team around YU Xuefeng at the CAS Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology (SIAT) has developed a low-cost metal-free photocatalyst based on black phosphorus for effective photocatalysis. Using a simple ball-milling technique, the team converted red phosphorus and urea to black phosphorus and black phosphorus/CN complexes in large-scale, among which the material cost of black phosphorus […]

CAS Institute of Industrial Biotechnology achieves vitamin-B12 synthesis in E. coli using synthetic biology

The group of ZHANG Dawei divided the vitamin B12 biosynthesic pathway into six modules into which they engineered a total of 28 genes from R. capsulatus, Brucella melitensis, Sinorhizobium meliloti 320, ,S. typhimurium, and Rhodopseudomonas palustris. Each module was expressed in E. coli on individual plasmids or incorporated into the E. coli genome. After metabolic engineering to ameliorate cobalt chelation and remove module […]

Peking University hosts 4thScientific Forum with Ludwig-Maximilian University (LMU) Munich, some 150 participants

LMU and 10 of China’s leading universities, including PKU, Tsinghua University, Renmin University of China and Fudan University, founded the LMU-China Academic Network in 2015. The 3 day program with about 60 participants from Munich will cover many scientific areas including astronomy, pharmaceutics, precision medicine, political sciences and Chinese translations of German poetry. CAS […]

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