Month: January 2018

China takes action in microbiome research

In October 2017, the CAS Institute of Microbiology, jointly with the Microbial Resource Collection Center of 12 countries around the world, announced the co-sponsorship of a collaborative global and indigenous microbial genome sequencing program. The program will include sequencing of more than 1000 microbiome samples. Also in October 2017, the Microbial Group Innovation Entrepreneurs Association […]

Shenzhen team develops promising method for bone regeneration

The group of RUAN Changshun, PAN Haobo and LU William from CAS Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology (SIAT) has developed a novel two-channel 3D-bioprinting method to fabricate osteoblast-loaded nanocomposite hydrogel constructs. The encapsulated osteoblasts showed high viability (>95%) just after bioprinting, and the constructs exhibited excellent ectopic osteogenesis in vivo. CAS news release, January 31, […]

CAE and Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences jointly establish China Agricultural Development Strategy Research Institute

The objective is to create a full-time strategic consulting team devoted to the major strategic issues concerning agriculture, rural areas and farmers in China and the frontier scientific and technological issues in agriculture so as to provide scientific and technological innovation and policy support for the country’s development strategy, promoting agricultural science and technology into […]

CAS Hefei Institute of Physical science builds “virtual human” for radiation assessment

In view of the expansion of China’s nuclear power plants, the Institute of Nuclear Energy Technology, Hefei Institute of Material Science, CAS, and the Chinese PLA Military Medical University (Third Military Medical University) radiation dose database built a Chinese human anatomical radiation model virtual person (“RadHuman”). The model can be applied in fields such as […]

58 % of global graphene patents come from China

According to the International Graphene Product Certification Center (IGCC), 2,200 or 58 % of global patents on graphene came from China. The 2017 Global Graphene Industry Research Report” completed by China Graphene Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliances Industry Research Center indicates that by 2020 the global graphene application market will reach 100 billion yuan and […]

China’s Micius satellite distributes secret key for quantum communication to Austria

Through satellite-to-ground secure key distribution, a secret key was created between the two countries at locations some 7,600 km away from each other. During the experiment, scientists transmitted images between the two countries, and a 75-minute video conference was successfully held between Beijing and Vienna. Traditional public key cryptography risks being hacked, while quantum key […]

Pharmaceutical industry in China under further reorganization

In 2017, policies have been promulgated such as medical insurance payment, consistency assessment and prioritization, and the opening up of innovative medicines which will affect the industry in a far-reaching manner with the aim of enhancing industry concentration. On January 19, SFDA issued the Guiding Opinions on Further Strengthening the Standards of Food and Drugs, […]

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