Month: June 2018

Sun Yat-sen University reports pilot program on AI to detect cancer

In China, more than 2.7 million people die of cancer every year. Guoliang XU, an endoscopy specialist working at Sun Yat-sen University Cancer Center, one of the largest cancer treatment centers in southern China, used endoscopy examination and produced 48 images that were simultaneously sent to Tencent’s tissue database. An AI system there responded within four seconds: […]

CAS Hefei Institute of Physical Science team builds new 3D cell genetic toxicity test system

The group of Lijun WU at the Center’s Institute of Technology, Biology and Agriculture constructed a three-dimensional (3D) cell-based novel genotoxicity detection system based on the the CD59 AL mutation detection system. First, a 3D cell mass was obtained by a low adhesion culture method. Relatively stable and uniform 3D cell cultures were used to […]

GM pigs release less pollution

Pigs account for more than 60 percent of Chinese people’s demand for meat, but they also exert major environmental pressure: fecal nitrogen from pig farms accounts for about 20 percent of the country’s total discharge of nitrogen pollutants. Pigs lack three enzymes (phytases) which block the release of nitrogen. By knock-in of the pertinent genes […]

Team at CAS Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry develops Janus particles for efficient O/W separation

The group of SONG Yongyang and colleagues synthesized hydrophilic/oleophilic magnetic Janus particles by emulsion interfacial polymerization and the interfacial assembly of Fe3O4 nanoparticles. Based on this material, they achieved a rapid and efficient separation of micro-scaled tiny oil droplets from water.  When adding the particles to a stable oil-in-water emulsion and subsequently shaking for one […]

China explores ultra high-speed railway, eventually reaching 1,500 kmh

At the 2018 World Transportation “High-speed Railway Technology Development Forum”, Mr ZHANG Feng of Southwest Jiaotong University reported that China explores a super high-speed railway. The world’s fastest vacuum tube high temperature superconducting linear model car test line is currently being built in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, and is expected to be completed by the end […]

China pioneers ceramic 3D printing in microgravity

One of the first civilizations to make ceramics about 10,000 years ago, China is now developing technology to manufacture ceramics in space. Potential uses of this technology are to build bases on the Moon, Mars or other planets, or to make vessels such as tea cups from lunar dust or Martian soil. Scientists at the […]

National Natural Science Foundation announces new procedures to cultivate innovation

WANG Zhigang, the minister of science and technology, said the foundation should focus on supporting projects that can solve major and key challenges regarding China’s socioeconomic development and national security. The NNSF should pay greater attention to basic research, optimize institutional management, strengthen social services using new technologies and uphold academic honesty. Training innovative talents […]

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