Month: September 2016

Tsinghua – MIT team reveals energy coupling mechanism between cells and a graphene interface.

The group of Zhiping XU at Tsinghua University and MJ Buehler at MIT have found that layered structures of water at the nanometer interface between cells and graphene have a lower diffusion coefficient compared to bulk water, leading to reduced thermal resistance between cells and graphene. This helps in an efficient heat dissipation in bio-nanodevices […]

Fudan University team develops liquid handling device based on photocontrolled liquid crystal polymer microactuators

The group of Yanlei YU at Fudan University has developed a novel concept for liquid handling. It is based on channels with deformable tubular microactuators containing azobenzene derivatives. Upon illumination, these channels change shape and drive the liquid into a desired direction, without any need for pumps. The new concept is expected to help design […]

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