Month: December 2014

NPC committee drafts revised food safety law

The proposed new rules concern storage, transportation and labeling of GM-food. Provision, production and management of genetically modified foods should be identified. Failing to identify products, production tools, equipment and other items will be fined five times higher than now, and in serious cases manufacturing license will be revoked. China Bio news release, Dec. 31, […]

China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association establishes Biomass and Bioengineering Committee in Beijing

Executive VP is LI Shousheng who is also executive VP of the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association. Major positions in the committee are held by influential academicians such as TAN Tianwei, OUYANG Pingkai, CHEN Jian, CAO Xianghong and WANG Xieqing. Head of the Advisory Group is CAO Zhuan. China Bio news release, Dec. 31, […]

NOx reduction by Chlorella algae

Researchers at the CAS Institute of Hydrobiology, Wuhan, have demonstrated that Chlorella sp. C2 can utilize nitrite and NOx as a nitrogen source, concomitant with the ability to accumulate lipids. The study was done at Sinopec’s Shijiazhuang refinery. China Bio news release, Dec. 29, 2014

CAS QIBEBT establishs regulation of fat accumulation in Nannochloropsis oculata, a microalgae

The group of Xuefeng LU has established the mechanism by which N. oculata regulates its metabolix flux towads lipids under N-limitation. Using transcriptomics, it was shown that storage polysaccharides such as limarin compete with the formation of triacylglycerols. Under N deficiency, membrane lipids were tansformed into TAG, adding to effects of enhanced acetylCoA synthesis and […]

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