Month: September 2017

China sets up 10 pilot programs, will establish national park system by 2020

The State Council has ordered all its provinces and regions to establish an ecological “red line” that will declare designated regions under mandatory and rigorous protection. The 10 pilot programs include Sanjiangyuan (the source of China’s three major rivers), giant panda habitats and the Great Wall. The country’s national parks will follow the principle of […]

China’s vaccine industry: 64 kinds, 25 billion Yuan sales

China implemented a child immunization program in 1978 which is steadily expanding. In early 2017, there were 43 approved vaccine companies, accounting for 40% of the global vaccine production enterprises. About 300 companies are involved in vaccine R&D, including research on DNA and cancer vaccines. Vaccine enterprises are mainly concentrated in Beijing, Tianjin, Jiangsu, Shanghai, […]

China plans to complete National Technology Transfer System by 2025

The State Council will establish, by 2020, a national technology transfer system with the objective to support China’s efforts to become a leading power in science and technology. Key feature is a more unified and open technology market and exchange network on the national level. For instance, sci-tech achievements from military departments shall be accessible […]

China könnte bald Treibstoff-Ethanol nicht nur aus Biomasse herstellen, sondern auch aus Kohle

Gemäß dem 13. Fünfjahresplan Chinas für Energie soll das Land bis 2020 300 Millionen t Treibstoff-Ethanol aus Biomasse produzieren und damit 150 Millionen t fossilen Treibstoff ersetzen. Allerdings wurde inzwischen auch die Herstellung von Treibstoff-Ethanol aus Kohle verbessert, und China hatte Ende 2016 nachgewiesene Kohlereserven von 1,6 Billionen Tonnen. Die bevorzugte, am CAS Dalian Institute […]

CAS Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden: high yields of biodiesel from raw oils with high acid value using magnetic solid acid catalysts

Using a magnetic Zr-CMC-SO3H@3Fe-C400 catalyst, the group of FANG Zhen has prepared biodiesel via esterification or transesterification from high AV oils such as Jatropha oil in yields of 95 – 97 % when the reaction was done in several cycles over the solid catalyst followed by its magnetic separation and regeneration. CAS news release, September […]

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