Month: June 2022

China tests water-saving and draught-tolerant rice in Botswana The rice harvested on “China Rice Abundance Day” stems from a collaboration between Botswana Agricultural and Natural Resources University and Botswana Africa Agricultural Co., Ltd. It is based on a water-saving and drought-tolerant rice variety bred in China, adaptive test cultivation in Botswana selecting varieties that  match the climate characteristics of Botswana, and efforts […]

China’s human resources in S & T exceed 100 million people, No. 1 in the world People’s Net Japanese Edition June 27, 2022 11:47 The Strategic Research Institute of the Chinese Association for Science and Technology released the “China Science and Technology Human Resource Development Research Report (2020)”  on June 25, 2022. China maintains the largest human resource advantage in science and technology in the world, with 112,341,000 people by […]

Qinghai province (Tibet) provides over 50% of China’s potash fertilizer demand The Chalhan Salt Lake, located in Gedarmi City in the Tsaidam Basin, Qinghai Province (Tibet), is the largest deposit of potassium and magnesium salts in China, and has the largest reserves of sodium, magnesium, potassium, and lithium in China. The province’s potash fertilizer production in 2021 was 4.437 million tons, meeting more than 50% […]

China establishes “National Climate Change Adaptation Strategy 2035” The “Adaptation Strategy” states that “by 2035, climate change observation and early warning capabilities will have reached the world’s advanced level of the same period, climate risk management and prevention systems will be nearly mature, major and super-large climate-related disaster risks will be effectively prevented and controlled, climate change adaptation technology and standard systems […]

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