Month: November 2015

Chinese team makes pigs produce human serum albumin after CRISPR-based gene modification

A team around ZHANG Pumin from Beijing Proteome Research Center and several universities and military universities modified porcine albumin into human albumin and used CRISPR technology to express this gene in pigs. Approximately 300 embryos were implanted in 10 female pigs, of which five pigs gave birth to 16 cubs. The cubs showed no signs […]

CAS Suzhou Insitute of Nanotech and Nanobionics (SINANO) develops wearable electronic skin””

The group of CUI Zheng at SINANO has integrated a bluetooth chip and a signal amplification circuit in a skin-like flexible polymer using printed nanosilver ink for interconnection and sensors and a paper battery as actuators. The system can monitor phyiological parameters of the human body and connect wireless with smartphone devices or the internet. […]

Xinjiang Institute of Physical and Chemical Technology finds new active agents from medicinal plants

Within a project for the Central Asian distribution of medicinal plant resources used in traditional medicine, 11 kinds of characteristic plant resources were identified with 24 new compounds, and a rapid and efficient separation technology was established to identify novel terpenoids and alkaloids. China Bio news release, November 20, 2015

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