Month: December 2010

Novo Nordisk to expand Beijing R&D center

Novo Nordisk revealed last week that its recently-announced Beijing (diabetes) R&D center expansion has a budget of USD 100 million – with up to USD 40 million earmarked for new labs that should be operational by the end of 2011. Novo also released results of a 3-month survey undertaken with the Chinese Medical Association involving […]

Mr. William R Keller, GM Deputy, Shanghai Zhangjiang Biotech & Pharmaceutical Base Development: China’s Future Role as a Life Science Leader

In China, many life science companies are located in science parks which are found in many major cities, such as Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, Nanjing, and Suzhou. The largest science park in China where most Western pharmaceutical companies are located is in Z-BASE, in the Pudong region of Shanghai. Representatives from BASE will talk about how […]

The NDRC has released a new list of national maximum drug retail prices slated to go into effect as of December 12

The new list contains 174 products which will have their maximum retail price reduced, as well as 16 products which will no longer receive separate pricing status and have been demoted to general pricing. The average price reduction is reported to be 19%. Of the items on the price reduction list, 111 are from overseas […]

Shanghai Pharmaceutical will acquire controlling ownership of pharmaceutical distributor China Health System Ltd. for up to RMB 4 billion

Consolidation continues at a brisk pace in the drug distribution sector, with Shanghai Pharma and Sinopharm, among others, buying regional distributors left and right. US distribution giant Cardinal Health has also jumped into the game, announcing the acquisition of privately-held Zuellig Pharma China last week for a whopping USD 470 million.

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