Month: June 2012

China National Seeds Group develops complete DNA chip for rapid paddy rice genotyping; cooperation with Huazong Agricultural University and Beijing University

According to Dr., 24 sorts of SSR markers which are the usually recommend national standards are discriminated by this chip. It discriminates over 5000 loci distributed over the entire genome in a highly reliable manner. Moreover, this DNA chip has the merit to perform the genetic background analysis of intermediate rice breeding material s correctly, allowing the breeding farmhouseto select the desired trait more quickly and thus raising the efficiency of paddy rice breeding. China National Seeds Group invested more than 5 billion yuan on building a national class seed biotechnology center in recent years. Huazong Agricultural University: Xinghua Net May 3, 20112

Returning Chinese scientists exceed 800.000, over 10.000 have founded or are employed in over 8000 companies in 160 science parks

From over 2,24 million Chinese who went to study abroad since 1978, about 818.400 had returned by the end of 2011. 72 % of scientists within the “863” plan (national high-tech R&D) and 81 % of scientists at the Chinese Academy of Science have overseas working experience China Science News net version, May 18, 2012

Sheep successfully cloned, omega-3 genetic maerkers. Collaboration of Shenzen BGI and Shihezi University

In September 2009, take the donor cell, will the omeiga (omega)-three fatty acids to saturated enzyme gene into the cells, establish a genetically modified cell lines; In May 2010, cloning experiments in hand; In October 2011 for blastosphere stable, the manual cloning technology system is set up; On March 26, 2012, 12 when 16 points, the only successful cesarean section 1 transgenic manual sheep clones, primary weight 5.74 kg, at present various life signs normally. China Science Daily, April 18, 2012

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