Month: April 2021

30-4 China regulates apps which collect personal information

China will put a regulation into effect to supervise the operations of commonly used apps that collect users’ personal information. 39 types of apps, covering navigation, car booking, instant messaging and shopping, should not refuse to provide basic services to users who do not agree to submit unnecessary personal information. Apps have provided convenience to […]

29-4 CAS Suzhou Institute of Biomedical Engineering and Technology develops antibiotic resistance test based on Raman spectroscopy

In this test, metabolically active bacteria in the presence of D2O will take in deuterium from D2O via NADPH and add D into biomolecules to form carbon-deuterium (C-D) bonds. The cells containing C-D bonds show a distinguishable Raman band shifted from C-H vibration, and the band can serve as a distinct biomarker for the metabolic activity […]

26-4 CAS members teach at schools to motivate pupils for science and technology

Staff and academy members of many research institutes of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Shanghai have given lessons in microbiology, biotechnology, drug development, fiber optic communications, nuclear energy, lasers, thermodynamics, acoustics to more than 20,000 students and teachers in the past 8 years to popularize their science and encourage young people to study. Out […]

25-4 All-China Women’s Federation honors female scientists

China has about 40 million female science and technology workers. In a national ceremony,  female scientists were honored for their work for providing  role models and offer valuable contributions to the construction of a modern socialist China. JIANG Jie, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, chief engineer of the first hospital of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, […]

22-4 China establishes 7th “National Committee on Man and the Biosphere”

Key actions of the inter-ministerial committee are the construction of a “Chinese ecological civilization” by building a natural reserve system with national parks as the main body, and eventually to apply for the title of a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve. Internationalization is another issue, to provide Chinese experience to other nations. CAS news release, April […]

22-4 China has presently 128 hydrogen gas stations

According to China’s Hydrogen Energy Federation, the number of hydrogen stations in China was 128, and the cumulative fleet of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles exceeded 7,000. Of China’s hydrogen gas production in 2019, 63 % was produced from coal, 14 % from natural gas, 21 % from industrial by-products, and only about 2 % from […]

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