Month: May 2018

CAS DICP in Dalian clarifies mechanism of Pi-limited oil production in R. toruloides

The group of ZHAO Zongbao has performed multi-omic analyses of the oleaginous yeast Rhodosporidium toruloides to shield lights on Pi-limitation-induced lipid accumulation. In total, 7970 genes, 4212 proteins, and 123 metabolites were identified. It was found that NADPH, the key cofactor for fatty acid biosynthesis, is limited due to reduced flux through the pentose phosphate […]

Beijing Center for Genomics completes gene expression profile of human digestive tract

TANG Fuchou and colleagues at Beijing’s Advanced Innovation Center for Genomics (ICG) have completed a systematic study of the development paths and gene expressions profiles of the human oesophagus, stomach, small intestine and large intestine in both embryonic and adult stages, mapping the genes of 5,277 individual cells and identifying 40 cell types in organs […]

Study shows high contamination of Chinese lakes by microplastics

A doctoral study at the CAS Wuhan Botanical Garden showed that contamination of microplastics in Dongting Lake and Honghu Lakewas as high as 900-2800 and 1250-4650 particles/m3, accounting for more than 60% of suspended matter. The ratio of colored microplastics was over 70%, and Raman spectroscopy identied polyethylene and polypropylene as the main microplastic polymer […]

China will recruit more foreign-born scientists

China’s Ministry of Science and Technoloty (MOST) issued new guidelines to recruit more international researchers. They will be involved in strategy-making, research, program management and assessment, and encouraged to collaborate with Chinese counterparts in joint research programs. According to the guidelines, China will make full use of global innovation resources and deeply integrate into global […]

Haier BioMedical creates big-data based contact platform 5U

Haier Biomedical in Qingdao promotes 5U (U-Blood, U-Biobank, U-Vaccine, U-Reagent, U-Stemcell), an IoT Contact Network linking medical institutions and home users for sharing medical and life sciences big data. The Haier U-Blood network is already implemented in Qingdao, involving the whole process of blood transfusion information including logistics, temperature monitoring and traceable big data. It […]

BGI introduces BGI online, the first industry-based cloud computing service for gene sequencing

BGI has invested heavily in R&D and innovation of new sequencing devices, including an independent IT platform which provides professional and easy-to-use biometric information cloud services for research institutions, hospitals and other users. BGI has also certified some products internationally. The HPV genotyping test kit (semiconductor sequencing method) and the amino acid and carnitine detection […]

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