China tests water-saving and draught-tolerant rice in Botswana The rice harvested on “China Rice Abundance Day” stems from a collaboration between Botswana Agricultural and Natural Resources University and Botswana Africa Agricultural Co., Ltd. It is based on a water-saving and drought-tolerant rice variety bred in China, adaptive test cultivation in Botswana selecting varieties that  match the climate characteristics of Botswana, and efforts […]

BRICS countries launch joint committee on space cooperation Representatives of space agencies from the five member countries — Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa — reviewed and adopted documents on technical specifications for data exchange, and the implementation procedures for joint observation. They signed an agreement on the Cooperation on BRICS Remote Sensing Satellite Constellation. The constellation is made up of […]

23-11 China and Pakistan open first „belt and road“ hydropower plant, 720 MW

Under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor Energy Cooperation, the plant was built by China’s Three Gorges Group, together with schools, hospitals, roads and other public welfare projects for the local communities. It provides some 4,500 jobs for the local community every year. The Karot Hydropower Plant is located on the Jhelum River in Pakistan’s Punjab Province, […]

31-5 China establishes BRICS Vaccine R&D Center

Sinovac Life Sciences has established the China Center for BRICS Vaccine R&D. The center will promote joint development and testing of vaccines from the five BRICS countries, cooperation in plant construction, out-licensed production, and mutual certification of standards. According to Sinovac, the company has supplied 540 million doses of the inactivated vaccine “CoronaVac” to about 40 […]

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