Month: February 2023

Shanxi Province completes first fifteen “Virtual Power Plant”  Shanxi Province completed the construction of its first batch of 15 virtual power plants (VPPs), which were applied for by the first nine power sellers. The total aggregated capacity is 1,847,400 kW and the adjustable capacity is 392,000 kW, Science and Technology Daily reported. The virtual power plant is a power coordination and […]

Sinopec pioneers hydrogen made from methanol on site at a filling station Sinopec is China’s leading petrochemical corporation and operates petrol stations country-wide. At one of its gas stations in Dalian, Liaoning Province, it has now integrated a methanol-based hydrogen production system which provides up to 1000 kg per day of hydrogen gas with a purity of 99.999% . The “five-in-one” filling station offers gasoline, natural […]

China leads the world in IoT According to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MII) the number of mobile Internet of Things (IoT) users in China is growing rapidly, with a net increase of 447 million to 1.845 billion IoT connections at the end of 2022, accounting for 70% of the global total.

China sees remarkable progress in cyclic utilization of industrial wastewater By Han Xin (People’s Daily) 10:19, January 30, 2023 A manufacturing base of Baoshan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd., known as Baosteel, in Shanghai, upgrades its industrial water utilization system to lower water consumption, July 14, 2021. (People’s Daily Online/Zhang Yong) How much water is used for industrial purposes in China, the world’s largest industrial […]

Digitization boosts access to ancient Chinese books (People’s Daily Online) 14:50, January 31, 2023 Restorer Tian Tingting demonstrates the process of the restoration of an ancient book during an activity held by the National Library of China in Beijing, capital of China, Oct. 11, 2019. (Xinhua/Yin Gang) Recently, 6,786 volumes of digitized ancient Chinese books were launched online by the National Center […]

2023/01 Efficient biosynthesis of starch and protein from corn stalks by yeast displaying cellulolytic enzymes Researchers at the CAS Institute of Industrial Biotechnology have developed a highly efficient biosynthesis of artificial starch and microbial proteins from available and abundant agricultural residues. A one-pot biotransformation using an in vitro coenzyme-free synthetic enzymatic pathway and baker’s yeast can simultaneously convert dilute sulfuric acid-pretreated corn stover to artificial starch and microbial protein […]

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