Month: December 2016

CAS QIBEBT group develops one-pot conversion of biofuels to jet-fuel grade higher alcohols

The groups around Guoqiang XU and Xindang MU at CAS QIBEBT have developed a process whereby biomass-derived biofuels such as ethanol and butanol can be transformed in a one-pot chemical reaction with > 90 % selectivity to C8-C19 ketones and alcohols which have biofuel characteristics. A Pd-C catalyst was used for this reaction. CAS news […]

CAS Wuhan Institute industrializes soil remediation technology

The Wuhan Institute of Rock and Soil Mechanics has completed a project to provide equipment for soil remediation technology targeted at typical industrial pollution sites. Three kinds of phosphate-based heavy metal contaminated soils were studied. An electrodynamic chemical remediation technology and a volatile organic matter-directed hot-steam technology were optimized. China Bio news release, December 28, […]

Tsinghua University releases scheme for commercial high-temperature gas-cooled nuclear power reactor

A demonstration project of 200,000-kilowatt HTGR nuclear power station was started construction in Rongcheng, Shangdong Province, in 2012 and will start work by the end of 2017. The 600,000-kilowatt HTGR nuclear power station is designed to adopt six reactor modules which connect a single steam turbine, with the generating efficiency reaching 43.7%. China has signed […]

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