Month: May 2017

CAS QIBEBT team doubles lignocellulose degradation by engineering Clostridium thermocellum

The team around Ya-Jun LIU has used a genome editing system to create a recombinant strain of C. thermocellum wich secretes an additional ß-glucanase. The mutant strain showed twofold increased degradation of 100 g/L Avicel in a two-stage saccharification process. The effect is believed to be due to less inhibition of C. thermocellum’s cellulosome by […]

China steps up international polar research cooperation

The Chinese Arctic and Antarctic Administration (CAAA) signed MOUs with 6 polar research institutes, from Argentina, Chile, Germany, Norway, Russia and the United States, to step up cooperation in site inspection, scientific research, logistic support, environmental protection and management, personnel exchanges, policy planning and education. CAS news release, May 26, 2017

China’s Beidou satellite system goes global by 2020

According to LI Wang, chairman of China’s Satellite Navigation System Committee, China will launch some 18 Beidou navigation satellites by 2018. Six to eight Beidou satellites will be sent into orbit in the second half of 2017. The Beidou (North Star) satellite navigation system will be able to provide services for countries participating in the […]

Chinese group produces graphene from corn stalks

A joint team of Heilongjiang University, FU Honggang, and the Jinan Shengquan Group have found a procedure to prepare graphene from corn cob cellulose. The production line allows for an output of 100 t/y and will be further scaled-up. China produces 100 million tons of corn cobs per year, mostly in Shandong, Hebei aund Liaoning […]

Wo Yuan Biotechnolog Co. gets approval for clinical trial on recombinant human serum albumin (rHSA) produced in transgenic rice

The startup company, located in Wuhan Optical Valley in Hubei Province, claims to have achieved yields of 10 g/kg of rice at a purity of 99,9999 %. A clinical trial is planned from August 2017 at Beijing Tongren Hospital. Presently, the output of rHSA by the company is limited to 1 t/y, but construction of […]

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