Month: November 2019

China trains 600 scholars from ASEAN countries in geosciences

LING Yueming, vice minister of natural resources, said at the ongoing 10th China-ASEAN Mining Cooperation Forum and Exhibition that 100 students from ASEAN countries will come to China to pursue a master’s or doctoral degree in geosciences, mining or related technologies. The country will also offer 500 short-term research and training opportunities to ASEAN countries, […]

Chinese NMPA approves Alzheimer drug based on gut microbiota improvement

Oligomannate (GV-971: sodium oligomannurarate) developed by Shanghai Green Valley Pharmaceuticals was approved by the NMPA as a drug to improve cognitive improvement of patients with moderate Alzheimer disease (AD). The multi-center randomized Phase III study which led to the approval was done for 36 weeks at 34 first-class hospitals in China on a total of […]

CAS Institute of Industrial Biotechnology develops cheap process for production of D-psicose sweetener

The group of ZHU Yuming has developed a one-pot two-enzyme system. It is based on a new type of exo-inulinase derived from Bacillus velezensis, which achieves efficient hydrolysis of inulin with a hydrolysis efficiency of 98 %, followed by epimerization with D-allulose 3-epimerase from Ruminococcus sp., which was coexpressed with the exo-inulinase as a recombinant […]

China forms alliance to extract uranium from sea water

According to China’s National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC), China has formed an innovation alliance to foster the research and application of extracting uranium from seawater. The alliance, led by CNNC, comprises about 20 research institutions and universities, and will focus on the technology and products used in the extraction process. It is estimated that seawater contains […]

Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences launches international agricultural science program

The Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS) has established an extensive network of international collaboration and partnered with agricultural research institutions from more than 100 countries and regions, 40 international organizations, multinational companies and funding units. At the 6th Global Forum of Leaders for Agricultural Science and Technology, held in Chengdu, CAAS announced to invest 10 […]

Tianjin group invents flexible electronic devices with soft sensors and circuits within liquid droplets

Inspired by natural jellyfish and rotifers such as coelenterates and floating organisms, the group of HUANG Xin at Tianjin University has developed a fully flexible “smart droplet robot” of 150 to 600 microliters size. The ultra-compact and fully programmable liquid smart robot can move, deform and sense under different environmental conditions. It can carry multiple sensors, […]

About 3300 companies from China and overseas exhibited at the 21st High-Tech Fair in Shenzhen

On an exhibition area exceeding 140,000 square meters, more than 3300 exhibitors from China and about 100 nations exhibited over 10,000 projects. Apart from the main venue of the Shenzhen Exhibition Center, three sub-venues focused on Human Resources High-Tech,  an Emergency Safety Technology Exhibition, and a Science Promotion Exhibition. JST Japan China news, November 13, 2019

Faux mother of pearl diaphragm improves impact resistance of lithium batteries

Porous polyolefins are widely used as barrier against short circuits in commercial lithium ion battery separators due to their excellent electrochemical stability. However, their porous structure results in poor mechanical properties, especially when the diaphragm is subjected to external local impact. A team of the CAS University of Science and Technology of China has substituted the […]

China will have over 130,000 G5 base stations installed by the end of 2019

According to a speech of China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China’s 5G construction accelerates, and more than 130,000 base stations will be installed by year’s end. By retrofitting existing 1.97 million site resources and 10 million site class resources, the deployment of a nation-wide 5G network will be greatly accelerated. Japan JST China […]

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