Month: November 2021

23-11 China and Pakistan open first „belt and road“ hydropower plant, 720 MW

Under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor Energy Cooperation, the plant was built by China’s Three Gorges Group, together with schools, hospitals, roads and other public welfare projects for the local communities. It provides some 4,500 jobs for the local community every year. The Karot Hydropower Plant is located on the Jhelum River in Pakistan’s Punjab Province, […]

Sinopec has realised two technical routes for direct production of ethylene from crude oil

According to a news release, Sinopec’s subsidiary Tianjin Petrochemical Industry has successfully tested a pilot plant for direct steam cracking of crude oil into ethylene, propylene and other chemicals. It is estimated that for every 1 million tons of crude oil processed by this technology, nearly 500,000 tons of chemicals can be produced, including nearly […]

22-11 A novel type of assay for .alpha.-glucosidase or inhibitors of this enzyme

Yan-Ping Shi, Jun-Li Yang and colleagues at the Lanzhou Institute for Chemical Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences have developed a sensitive detection for α-glucosidase activity in natural product extracts or blood serum. They used 4-hydroxyphenyl-α-D-glucopyranosyl, which reacts to hydroquinone after cleavage by α-glucosidase, to form orange-red or yellow fluorescent silicon-containing nanoparticles (Si CNPs) […]

16-11 China completes desert-railway loop line

The 825 km line surrounds the Taklimakan Desert, China’s largest desert, in Northwest China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. Linking the city of Hotan with Ruoqiang county in the Bayingolin Mongol Autonomous Prefecture, it will play a vital role in enhancing connectivity and promoting development. People’s Daily November 16, 2021

15-11 Better and more graphene heat conducting films

According to an article in China Science News, China’s sales of cell phones using graphene thermal conductive film such as Huawei Mate 20X were close to 29 million, and the cumulative amount of graphene film were about 1.3 million square meters in the past 12 months. With the rapid increase of 5G smartphone penetration, graphene […]

13-11 China will cover major cities with IoT by the end of 2023

According to the Institute of Industrial Internet and Internet of Things under the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT), by 2023 major cities across the country will have been basically covered by the IoT modernizing social governance, industrial digitalization, and consumption upgrading. According to statistics, By the end of 2020, the ownership of […]

3-11 Scientists from China, Russia, Japan and Korea establish „Research Center for Northeast Asia biodiversity conservation“

It has six research teams consisting of experts from various organizations such as the Chinese Academy of Forestry, Seoul National University and the University of Tokyo. They will carry out research on plants, animals, microorganisms and ecosystem diversity. The research center will establish a comprehensive monitoring and evaluation system, and conduct in-depth study on the […]

12-11 China promotes ultra-low energy consumption buildings („Passivhaus“)

According to Xinhua, the total floor area of China’s green buildings has exceeded 6.6 billion square meters amid the country’s efforts to promote high-quality development in urban and rural areas. Following a 2017 guideline proposing demonstration projects of ultra-low-energy-consuming and near-zero-energy-consuming buildings, Gaobeidian, about 100 km south of Beijing, boasts a passive building construction area […]

12-11 A bioinspired conductive carbon material can be folded over 1 million times

A team around Guangtao ZAN from Tongji University, Inspired by the silkworm cocooning processes, has designed a super-foldable conductive carbon material with layered nanofiber network structures.The material can bear one million folds without structural damage and conductivity fluctuations. It features appropriate pores, non-crosslinked junctions, slidable nanofibers, separable layers, and a compressible network which act synergistically […]

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