Month: August 2015

Fuzhou CreMab Pharmaceutical Co. and Fujian-based partners build independent manufacturing base for therapeutic antibodies

With a total investment of 730 million yuan, a therapeutic monoclonal antibody pilot plant was built which offers a scale of up to 2000 L for the production of monoclonal antibodies for clinical tests and will be further scaled up to 80.000L, enough to produce 3 tons of monoclonal antibody protein (anti tumor) per year. […]

CAS Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica obtains fibroblast to cardiomyocyte differentiation by small-molecule stimulation

A team from Tongji University and various institute of the CAS in Shanghai could show with mouse embryonic fibroblasts in vivo that the addition of 3 – 6 small molecules was enough to transdifferentiate these cells into cardiomyocytes which showed rhythmic contraction, cardiac-specific gene expression and cardiac-like electrophysiological characteristics. CAS news release, August 25, 2015

Ren Sheng Biological Energy Technology Co. to build 10.000 t/a 2nd generation bio-diesel plant

In cooperation with Foster Wheeler (Hebei) Engineering Co., the Changzhou-based company (常州仁晟生物能源科技有限公司) has established a process which uses waste oil pretreatment followed by hydrogenation, decarbonylation, decarboxylation and isomerization using a novel solid catalyst. The oxygen-free product consists of straight and branched paraffins, has a freezing point of – 50 °C and a cetane number of […]

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