Month: August 2017

A national biodegradable film evaluation test in agriculture sees advantages for polypropylene carbonate-based films

China is plagued by „white pollution“ originating from plastic residues, in particular for agricultural use. In 2015, the Ministry of Agriculture launched the National Biodegradable Film Evaluation Test” with more than 30 test sites, involving 8 crops. After 3 years of testing it was concluded that CAS Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry’s biodegradable PPC film […]

China speeds up drug development during “135”

According to a director of the National Health and Family Planning Commission, 95 % of patented drugs and 95 % of major medical equipment in China are still under patent protection from foreign companies. During the present 5 years plan (“135”), the government has taken steps to speed up drug development by Chinese companies, in […]

Bayer China to support 4 Chinese healthcare startups

Within its grants4apps program,, the company has selected 4 out of 130 start-up candidates for training and support. The startups are a) Tuo Xiao Intelligent, committed to the development of a home stethoscope and fetal heart rate monitor, b) Huiyun Tong, focused on a cloud-based, non-invasive diagnosis for coronary artery occlusion, c) Nuo Tong […]

CAS Hefei Institute of Physical Science develops novel research reactor for biomass conversion

ZHAO Huijun and colleagues at the Institute of Solid State Physics has developed an instrument, in which three kinds of reactors (fluidized bed reactor, fixed bed reactor, and slurry phase reactor) can be integrated and connected in a serial or in parallel manner. The instrument can be applied to biomass catalytic conversion by gasification, pyrolysis, […]

Chinese domestic antibody drug industry in 2017 counts 200 companies with 22 approved species and about 200 drug applications

Sina Publisher has published a detailed map on Chinese antibody producers. The authors come to the conclusion that a) the number of producers is consolidating, b) autoimmune diseases and cancer application accounts for 78% market share of antibody drugs, c) for the next 10 years, domestic producers will focus on the development of generic or […]

Ningxia Environmental Protection Office admonishes 6 biomanufacturers for malodor.

The companies comprise pharmaceutical and fermentation companies, e. g., Ninxia Eppen Biotech Co., a major MSG producer. The authority reclaimed that malodorous gas pollution prevention and control facilities were imperfect, environmental management was lacking, and in one case a sewage treatment station was closed. The companies were admonished to speed up the progress of governance, […]

China rolls out Mars landing program.

According to the China National Space Administration, China plans to send a robotic probe to Mars around 2020. It will conduct scientific research on the soil and atmosphere and search for signs of water, The probe will consist of three parts-an orbiter, lander and rover. The rover will have six wheels and four solar panels, […]

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