China’s top 10 advances in agriculture 2018

At the Forum 2019 on Science and Technology for Agricultural and Rural Development in in Nanjing, a poll by experts on the 10 most significant advances in agricultural science were announced. These were:

1. Metabolomics in search of the “lost tomato flavor”. HUANG Sanwen, CAAS Shenzhen Institute of Agricultural Genomics

2. “Selfish genes” controlling fertility of indica-japonica hybrid rice crosses

WAN Jianmin, CAAS Crop Science Research Institute and Nanjing Agricultural University

3. Identification of genes with both high yield and resistance to rice blast 

LI Jiayang, CAS Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology and CHEN Xuewei, Rice Research Institute of Sichuan Agricultural University, 

4. Identification of key genes that balance yield and fertilizer efficiency in co-regulation of carbon and nitrogen metabolism

FU Xiangdong, CAS Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology

5. 3000 rice genomes resequencing for post-genomic rice breeding

LI Zhikang CAAS Institute of Crop Sciences 

6. Genome resequencing of 419 upland cotton core germplasms in major cotton-growing countries such as China, the United States, and Australia, for better cotton fiber quality and yield

MA Yingying, Hebei Agricultural University, and DU Xiongming, CAAS Cotton Research Institute 

7. High-density mutation map of cotton diploid population showing the molecular evolution of Asian cotton from south to north. 

LI Fuguang, CAAS Cotton Research Institute 

8. Vaccine which blocks transmission of H7N9 virus from birds to humans. 

CHEN Hualan CAAS Harbin Veterinary Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural 

9. Transferable colistin resistance genes in healthy people found as high as 15%, requiring further drug resistance control and controls in livestock breeding in China. 

SHEN Jianzhong, China Agricultural University 

10. Molecular mechanism of multiple pattern recognition of receptor-mediated activation of the silk fibroin kinase cascade in plant resistance

Zhou Jianmin CAAS Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology 

Guangming Daily news, November 20, 2019 

China’s top 10 advances in agriculture 2018
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