Year: 2019

Shandong Province starts hot water supply for heating by a nuclear power plant in Yantai

The Haiyang Nuclear Power Station in Yantai has initiated hot water supply to households, substituting hot water generated in a coal-based thermal power generator. It will initially provide heating for an area of 700,000 m2, covering the dormitories of its employees and about 30 other neighborhoods. As a heat source, steam from the loop of […]

Shanghai Financial Court starts to operate AI-based “Smart interpreter system”

The system uses the latest AI product 笔译 (bi yi)笔译  and can perform simultaneous interpretation in over 20 languages ​​in the form of speech and text. According to the court, the introduction of the system removes the anxiety that foreigners involved in litigation can’t understand the language in the trial process, improves the efficiency of trials […]

Taiwan’s Biobank aims at 200,000 human genomes by 2024

According to the Biobank’s PI LEE Techang, the Taiwan Biobank, founded 2012 by the Academia Sinica, has collected gene samples from 120,000 generally healthy Taiwan residents aged from 30 to 70 and finished whole-genome genotyping of 100,000. The biobank also collected blood and urine samples and physical data of participants, such as weight, height, blood […]

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