The 10-hectare experimental field of the Institute of Crop Science, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, is called “the most expensive farmland” by Internet users because of its location inside the Third Ring Road in Beijing with high land prices.

It is a key place for modern wheat breeding research in China, and the cradle of wheat quality breeding. The total area of 340 new varieties grown in this experimental field, such as the “Zhongbarley” series wheat, “Zhongyan” series corn, “Zhonghuang” series soybeans, and “Jinglong” series rice, has exceeded 33.33 million hectares, resulting in a cumulative increase of 7.5 billion kilograms of production. In recent years, scientific researchers have researched and developed production technologies related to improving quality and effectiveness, such as “corn warm light resource quantitative optimization production increase and effectiveness expansion technology” and “key technologies for producing high-quality dedicated wheat,” promoting the application of a wide range of crop green development models.