Year: 2021

28-12 CAS Institute of Microbiology designs simplified enzymatic pathway for CO2 fixation

Yin Li and his team at the Institute of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, have developed a simple synthetic pathway for enzymatic carbon fixation based on thermodynamic and kinetic calculations. The POAP cycle relies on only four enzymes involved, pyruvate carboxylase, oxaloacetate acetylhydrolase, acetate CoA ligase, and pyruvate synthase, achieves a CO2 fixation rate of […]

23-12 Researchers at CAS Institute of Oceanology find light-independent pathway for astaxanthin accumulation in Haemtococcus

A research team led by LIU Jianguo from the Institute of Oceanology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences found that light-independent metabolic pathways, in addition to light-dependent metabolic pathways, can also regulate astaxanthin accumulation in Haematococcus.  The study will help to improve astaxanthin yields in photobioreactors. CAS news release, December 23, 2021

22-12 A methanogenic archaebacterium can form methane from long-chain alkanes and thus facilitate exploitation of depleted oil fields

Methane is usually produced from petroleum by consortia of petrolem-degrading bacteria and methanobacteria. A team from Shenzhen University, the Chengdu Biogas Institute and the Max-Planck Institute of Marine Microbiology in Bremen has now isolated an archaebacterium from a oil reservoir surface which grows on petroleum in the absence of other petroleum degraders. Molecular analyses revealed […]

24-12 China to boost sci-tech innovation targeting carbon neutrality and foster female scientists

According to a revised Law on Progress of Science and Technology, China will strongly support the goal of peaking carbon dioxide emissions and achieving carbon neutrality. It also demands establishing and improving a sound laboratory system led by national laboratories, with national key laboratories as supporting forces. Regional sci-tech innovation will require all local administrations […]

16-12 China will push battery recycling of new-energy electric vehicles (NEV)

According to the Ministry of Industry and information Technology MIIT, new regulations will encourage the recycling of batteries through cooperation of NEV and battery manufacturers, echelon utilisation enterprises and scrap automobile recycling companies. Data from the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers indicate that the cumulative NEV sales volume in China in the first 11 months […]

2021/12 China launches „Earth satellite“ to support sustainable development of developing countries

The SDGSAT-1 satellite is equipped with three payloads:  . a thermal infrared imager,  . a micro-optical imager, and  . a multispectral imager They are designed to achieve a fine picture of human activity traces around the clock, and will provide data support for the study of indicators characterizing the interaction between humans and nature and […]

6-12 Uranium extraction from seawater using bionic graded porous membrane

WEN Liping and colleagues at the CAS Institute of Physical and Chemical Technology have developed a bionic graded porous adsorbent membrane based on an intrinsic microporous polymer. The decreasing pore size structure allows uranyl ions to diffuse rapidly in the membrane, and tests have shown that the graded porous membrane can increase the adsorption capacity […]

26-11 China promotes public science education

According to an evaluation of the Ministry of Science and Technology MOST, the number of science and technology museums and science and technology museums nationwide increased to 1525 in 2020. Due to the influence of the new coronavirus, however, the number of visitors decreased by 53% to 115 million. Last year, a total of  98,5 […]

USTC develops bio inspired polyimide-mica nanocomposite film with high resistance to low earth orbit environments

Composite polyimide materials protect exterior surfaces of spacecraft in low Earth orbits from oxygen radicals, UV and high temperatures. Shuhong Yu’s team at the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) took inspiration from the brick mortar microstructure of mother-of-pearl and combined PI with mica nanoplatelets to form a dispersion. Using spray coating and […]

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